The variety of black punches

The variety of black punches

In the core of spiral galaxy NGC 1097, researchers suspect a 100 million sun masses heavy black hole. Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech

New research results reveal how black punches can differ in a coarse and creation process

A black hole actually had to be a very simple astronomical object: a simpler chunk of matter in the universe, which is not eliminated by its huge mass no Fitzelchen information of his attraction. The concept was created when the cosmologist thoughts about the offenses of stars. What happens when a giant sun collapses?

If a star is at least three times as heavy as our sun, it is usually a spectacular end before. He manages to use all elements to iron as fuel in different bowls in his inner, until it only 10.000 kilometers through measuring core only made of iron and heavier elements. From a certain mass border, the essentially pressed matter of one’s own gravitation can no longer resist and collapsed, during a gigantic explosion, the Hulle is stabbed as Supernova.

For less than nine sun masses, a neutron star is the result, a very compact object with a diameter in the double-digit mileage area. However, if the output star is heavier, the neutrons of gravity can no longer oppose enough, and a black hole forms it. Its attraction is so rough that you can not even escape light – which once disappears behind the so-called event horizon, never comes back to the daylight.

This area had a radius of a few kilometers in a black hole with the mass of the sun. However, because of the rotation of most black punches, it is rarely spherical, but has the shape of a rotary lipsoid (a body clamped from a rotating ellipse). Describe such a black hole basically like a gigantic elementary particle with the three coarse mass, spin and cargo. Researchers violate the milk strain of 100 million such stellar black punches is populated.

The second class black punch, whose existence astronomers could already be convinced, normally resides in the centers of galaxies. It is believed that these super-massive black punches (with about one million to one billion sun mass) have grossly eaten on matter from the galaxy, but on the other hand, as well as galaxy mergers have reached their current mass.

Three ways

Also in the core of the milk strain you suspect with Sagittarius a * such a huge black hole. It is roughly as heavy as four million suns – this mass focuses on a ball with 44 million kilometers diameters. In the solar system, this black hole became Mercury until half past the most inner planet.

What science about the emergence of supermassive black holes today wies, a post in Science now works very well. Accordingly, there are basically three ways possible – all played in the early days of the universe, when the first stars were created. The starting point is a huge gas cloud primary of hydrogen and helium, which has a halo of dark matter. This cloud can become a single, huge star for the first time – which only came a star per galaxy.

If the star is heavier than 300 sun masses, he collapses in a relatively short time to a black hole of 200 sun masses. The second process goes off an unstable gas cloud, which shapes a super dear star in the center of the galaxy. Whose core collapses to a (small) black hole and swallows the rest of the Hulle, which raises a few million sun masses. In the third path, the unstable gas cloud initially forms a close star cluster, whose components merge into a huge star. This in turn shrinks later to a black hole with about 1000 sun masses.

Black punch in intermediate size

What the astronomers in their list is still missing, black punches are in intermediate quantity. Should there be only giants and normal rough copies? That seems illogical. Nevertheless, no candidates have been made with 100 to 10 so far.000 sun masses observed. After all, a Science-Paper first provides first information: In it, astronomers report from the observation of the RontGen Source ESO 243-49 HLX-1. The object has not shown an unusual change of its activity, which restructures the researchers on the outsourcing of a so-called jets, a very fast plasma stream,. Jets arise when black punch mass absorb from their environment, so they do not come out of the inside of the object (which ware according to his nature).

With which energy they are drained from the black hole, depends on the crowd. From the properties of the jet, so let’s shock for the mass of the black hole. Accordingly, the HLX-1 underlying object had to be a mass of under 10.Own 000 sun masses, HLX-1 goods accordingly the first observed black hole middle mass.

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