The nato is also there at the em-effort game in warsaw

Poland admits the EM 2012 temporary controls of its limits to Germany and the Czech Republic. In Ukraine were legislation "Small rowdytum" decided

The Polish Government wants to expose the Schengen agreement to the Gentlemen Fubball European Championship of the Lords and make controls of EU internal borders for four weeks. An appropriate letter has now addressed the government in Warsaw to the EU Commission. Accordingly, the undergraded size monitoring is already started four days before the opening match: The mockage extends from 4. June to 1. July. Thus, Poland irritates the maximum duration of the corresponding special regulation in the Schengen agreement.

The NATO is also there at the EM-Effort game in Warsaw

National Stadium in Warsaw. Image: Mateusz Włodarczyk / CC BY-SA 3.0

Already in April, Polish border protection on his website had pointed out the temporary controls. This partial suspension of the Schengen Agreement was to be understood as an affront by the EU Commission: in Brussel has been discussed for months whether Member States can in-depth a Veto against such macers (migrants unquestioned).

A survey of the Commission has previously provided that Germany and France make way of re-importing the controls. In the Schengen Agreement, it also regulates that EU Member States must also be informed about the reason for imports of grave monitoring. However, writing the Polish Government is merely "increased security requirements" the speech.

German officers patrol to Polish-Ukrainian border

The controls are supposedly only on certain days randomly and without the barrier of travel. Both land boundaries and airport and seaports are included. If officials have one "Threat for safety or public order" recognize, the entry can be denied. The border forces also work with the police, customs and militar police Poland. As a basis "Risk analyzes" and data deliveries from other countries used.

The Warsaw headquarters of the EU Border Guarantor Frontex also participates in the Fubball Security Architecture: with "Eurocup 12" was even set up a separate mission for this purpose. During the Frontex officials in the EU Member State Poland "operative" To be tatig, you have the status of the Ukraine "Observer" and "Consultant". One of the Frontex missions to Euro 2012 is the monitoring of Polish-Ukrainian "Grunen border". Germany participates with six officials with six employees. Czech policemen are also there.

The renewed border controls were already rehearsed last month with Czech. 30 officers were in use with track dogs. Governments in Warsaw and Prague have built a joint position center in the border town of Kudowa Słone for the cooperation of border guards. In several meetings, the meaning of the center was credited as a node of bilateral data exchange. The two expansion countries of the EURO 2012 want to conclude bilateral agreements on the design of cooperation with all participating policies. The security architecture for the championship is also regularly discussed in working groups of the Council of the European Union. The International Police Organization Interpol has specifically "Major Events Support Team" (Imest) set up. In addition to the data exchange and the persecution of crimes Interpol should also "Game manipulation" trace.

Security cooperation according to the model of the World Cup 2006

The German Ministry of Interior has been involved in the preparation of the EURO 2012 since 2007. Among other things, it is intended to extend the file "Violence sport" to pass on Poland. The records must be up to the 15. August again. The border guards must not create a copy – as this is to be checked, the Federal Government does not explain. In addition, the data should be used only for the football championship. At the same time, Poland should assure to pronounce entry lock not only on the basis of the file.

This was the German police at the NATO Summit 2009 procedure: Dozens of demonstrators had been failed to leave to Strasbourg because they appeared in a volatile data collection of the Federal Criminal Office. Also fellow travelers was a travel lock. Administrative courts, however, had repealed the decisions in large parts in the urgent procedure. Nevertheless, the affected persons were not allowed to travel: After the winks of the German border guards, French border officials filed a lateral notice.

The Federal Government promised according to the NATO summit, the "Result of the administrative judgment" to integrate into the education and training of the Federal Police. It is questionable whether this is also communicated to the colleague in Poland and Ukraine. The opportunity to give it plenty: Federal Police and Federal Criminal Office already have 36 Polish "Executives" Over the security concept in the Fubball World Championship of the Men 2006. In several visit to Poland, the practice became "scenecond" or "Typical fan behavior" taught.

Even with Ukraine, nine such seminars were held. At several other conferences, officials of the German domestic and foreign intelligence service took part. In "Application observations" Both in Ukraine as well as in Poland, that is, at Fubball Games of the last months, the contents were deepened. Meanwhile, there is a detailed documentation of various meetings, but the Federal Ministry of the Interior is only published according to the complaint of the subsequent deputy Andrej Hunko from the left.

Data exchange in North Rhine-Westphalia Immediately

Executively the answer to a new small request of the Left Faction goes up cooperation with German authorities but significantly further: 16 federal police are sent to Ukraine, ten to Poland. Two more doing their service as a liaison officer in the police location centers in Warsaw and Kiev.

The policemen should be on the road both in uniform and in civil. For the posting of other policepers from Bundlanders, the Federal Government does not provide any information. Several hundreds of Baden-Wurttemberg had helped with the Euro 2008 in Austria. Total were 1.700 German police officers sent to the two outgoing Lander Austria and Switzerland. The use of German gripping strupps for the melee remote in Austria on fierce public discussions.

An official request of Polish or Ukrainian were apparently not given. Just one "Support in the field of data exchange" and the "Posting a delegation" had been followed. Appropriate letters were officially only in February and from Ukraine in April. Such inquiries must be addressed according to international agreements to the Federal Criminal Police Office as a contact point.

The basis of cooperation with Poland is the Treaty of Prum, which was initially closed on the initiative of Germany under some countries. Meanwhile, the Agreement has been overflowed in the EU’s legal framework. However, on what legal basis are police officers in Ukraine, the Federal Government does not explain. Nevertheless, information requests of the Ukrainian police were answered, which were directed to the Buro of Interpol Kiev at Germany. Also on requests from Poland has already been reacted.

According to the answer of the Federal Government, as nodes of international cooperation "National Fubball Information Offices of the Police" (NFIP) built. In Germany, this is supposed by the State Office for Central Police Services (LZPD) in North Rhine-Westphalia. The LZPD is thus also conditional for the configuration of the data exchange. Details should be in one "Joint explanation" be laid down between Poland and Germany.

Allegedly, however, not all 17 are first.529 Enter the file "Violence sport" passed on to Poland. Some of the records were only after requesting and one "Individual case screening" leave. This is generally the extensive free text of the database, including data on contact persons and all sorts of more "findings" can be entered. But the Ukraine should not be released in advance. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, this has "Test" result.

NATO-AWACS in the approach on Geilenkirchen Air Base. Image: Arcturus / CC BY-SA 3.0

EU manual for "Control of crowds"

Similar to the handling of protests at summit meetings, international police cooperation in sporting events is also rapidly standardized (EU project against left mass protest). For the area of the Fubball, the EU Member States drove one "Manual" with "recommendations" For international police cooperation as well "Measures for the prevention and control of violence and disturbances".

The always updated paper gives handouts to "Control of crowds" or an optimal "Communication and media strategy". Also a uniform vest in the color "NATO-Blue", which is carried over the respective national uniform, is defined. Also be carried out "Products and Services of Europol". With which activities the EU police agency is involved in security cooperation, the Federal Government, according to its response now, is not, but although Europol is to be controlled via the national parliaments of the Member States.

For the unified control of summit meetings and international sporting events, legal representation, which the police provide more powers in the praventive area. For example, the state government in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. Partly only for the time of the summit competencies were laterally "degenerate" and remain so ongoing.

In Ukraine, a law was released in 2010, which restricts the alcohol consumption in the public – including sports advice -. In addition, only last year "Law for the peculiarities of the administrative offense procedure during the Euro 2012" adopt. Extra regulated policies against "Small rowdytum" as well as resistance to police acceptance or clarification against assembly law. The fans with video technology from Germany are monitored: The company Mobotix rusted the Donbass Arena in Donetsk with 528 cameras. There are also 58 more of the company Bosch.

Special support can expect the policemen but from the air: Poland has requested NATO to help with the awareness of public security. The request for monitoring the open-time game on the 8. June and the semi-final game on 28. June in Warsaw happening to the "Fruhwarning program" of the military object. The desire could with the surely "Awacs"-Reconnaissance aircraft are met, which also start from North Rhine-Westphalian Geilenkirchen. The application from Warsaw was baffled by NATO and is located according to the Federal Government now "in scheduling".

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