The militar strike splits the eu

The militar strike splits the EU

Aufeister Heiko Maas can not make German position at EU level. The "Role", Otherwise, the Germany likes to claim in Europe, is no longer recognizable. Image: EU

The Foreign Ministers reject it in a Krisendeffen in Luxembourg to fuel the use in Syria. You want to avoid escalation and one "Diplomatic solution" Looking for

EU Council’s President Donald Tusk reported first to speak. The EU is closed behind the western militar farming in Syria, the Liberal Polish politician went to Saturday morning in Brussel.

"The attacks on the US, France and Great Britain make it clear that the Syrian regime can not continue with Russia and Iran with this human support, at least not without consequences", shared Tusk by Twitter. "The EU will be with its composites on the side of justice."

Two days later turns out: Tusk’s statement was misleading and factually wrong. Because the EU is by no means like a man behind the military action. But on the contrary. The majority of EU-AUM Ministers rejected a crisis meeting on Monday in Luxembourg, Americans, British and French to issue a blank check.

The swords of the Aufberten "Understanding" For the air shell. However, several EU countries, however, was stood by the non-agreed – and referral controversial – attack still fiercular. According to diplomats, the non-NATO members were on the hat. Sweden, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus.

Some of these countries – everyone elsewhere – had took up after the poison gas attack on the earlier Russian double spy Sergej Scripal in Great Britain. Now they warn against a military escalation. The worry before a positive confrontation with Russia is even shared by some NATO countries. Especially Italy warns to maby, including Belgium is backing and thoughtful.

Therefore, in Luxembourg, four groups were now against: France and Great Britain, which are pretended military; Germany and the majority of NATO countries that involve the military strain; Careful NATO members such as Italy and – as a fourth group – the neutral land. The EU is once again split.

But she does not want to admit this. Because that was meant, even the own failure. Despite years of trouble, there is neither a common Syria nor a consistent Russia policy. In Syria, France paid to the hardliners from the beginning; Already ex-Prasident Francois Hollande demanded air shield. Italy always paid in Russia to the "understanding" Lermists – not least made of oconomic grounds.

But both positions were never majority in the EU. And a strategy that could incorporate the reluctant interests is still not available today. Now threaten the contradictions open up openly – especially as Council’s President Tusk tries the "Guide" to take over in EU Aufenpolitik and to capture states for a hard line that they have never decided.

Lunderstand, but no understanding

The alleged consent to militar farming in Syria is only the youngest example. Before, Tusk had already announced the mass execution of Russian diplomats and done as if the EU is closed against Russia. There is no such EU decision; The statements were ordered by Member States at national level and coordinated Blob at EU level. Despite massive pressure of the European "partner" Nine Member States have refused to today’s anti-Russian measures – and no diplomats were shown. Also in Syria policy, resistance to Tusk and the Hardliner from Paris and London stimulates. Between the lines, this also shows the explanation of the Aufemister, which was presented on Monday in Luxembourg.

The EU "understood that the targeted aircraft on chemical weapons facilities in Syria were specific measures that alone had the goal of preventing the further use of chemical weapons or chemical substances through the Syrian regime to totify its own population", it’s in it.

That "Understanding" (No understanding), therefore, only refers to the intentional Syrian attacks with chemical weapons. A blank check for further military interventions is not. EU members of France and Great Britain can not be appointed to use more violence for further violations.

Maas can not make the German position a majority

The EU explanation is not even on the line of the German Federal Government, which the military use "required and appropriate" called. For the new Federal Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) this is a clear failure. Maas played before and at the western militar actions only a static role.

Now the novice on the diplomatic parquet does not even manage to make the German position at EU level majority. The "Role", Otherwise, the Germany likes to claim in Europe, is no longer recognizable. On the contrary: Maas also ensures additional confusion in Syria policy.

So he pladged before the meeting in Luxembourg Dafur to start a peace initiative for Syria, if necessary without the United Nations, as Russia has blocked any member of the UN Security Council. Then he said, but Russia must still be there, because otherwise you can not start the peace process.

After the crisis meeting, he then explained surprisingly that the UN should play a central role. Looking for opportunities, paths and formats to restit the peace process to him the framework of the international organization, he said now. "That’s the way we want to go together." Remains only to clear, Wen Maas says if he "together" says. So far, he speaks only for himself ..

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