Swedish office demands high climate tax on bio-beef

According to the supreme Stockholm agricultural workers, meat is to be taxed EU-wide after its alleged proportion of educational heat

Although the opportunities for DAFUR are poorly due to the expected development of the thresholders, climate change in Europe does not want to encounter structural measures or the construction of securitization funds, but by reducing the CO2 outskirts. The Supreme Swedish agricultural workers Jordbruksverket calls for this in your report "En Hållbar Kott Consumption" (translated: "A sustainable meat consumption") An EU-wide tax on meat whose high will be calculated thereafter, how much the world’s warming is intimidated in production. This should reduce demand for climate-defined meat and increase the alternatives.

Beermisch had to be taxed at the highest, because its animal suppliers not only expelled CO2, but also the even more than 20 times atmosphere-permanent methane in coarse amount. Beef is therefore considered significantly climate-friendly as a pork. However, it is very strong on how the cattle is held before slaughter – and here are okologically held animals in the previous calculations as much worse than this "Meat factories". The reason is, among other things, that they are not held in tight trays, but freely walking around and claiming pastureland that is potentially missing for heavily co2-binding vegetation as forest.

Swedish office demands high climate tax on bio-beef

Beef. Photo: Michael C. Berth. License: CC BY-SA 2.5.

Also sheep can be due to their footprint and their digestive system in the "Climate" not really score. Regular examination winner among the meat types of meats in Europe, on the other hand, is Hollandic chicken meat from mass husbandry: It is only 6.2 kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of meat – this is about one third of the value of conventionally produced beef or lamb.

Even clearly climate-consuming holland broilers, however, is the Holland Broilers, which is due to a norwegian examination after per kilo, only 1.9 kilos of CO2 into the atmosphere. Similarly, due to the fress and fishing poles, with the dolphin meat became more popular in third-worldlanders, although there are no specific studies yet – unlike those most popular Kangurus, which is also explicitly from the Supreme Environmental Advisor to the Australian Government, which is also popular from children’s series Tasty relatives but climate-friendly alternative to beef have been recommended.

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