Stop in berlin: on the wrong track?

Stop in Berlin: on the wrong track?

Photo: Andreas Trojak / CC by 2.0

A commentary to the public political "Cause research" the attack on the Christmas market

"Anxiety" Tit the picture yesterday in wide coarse letters under the photo of the Berlin Christmas market with the destructed front of the "Terrorist" and two policemen in the foreground. "It was Islamist terror! And the nightmare goes on", The text starts.

That has propaganda appeal. "With Allah, these operations let the enemy frightened and terrorized back.. So who continues and resting in the next Christmas market will never forget the KUFFAR this Christmas market o Lowen of Islam!", Quotes the world from fused communication channels of IS-attached.

Fingerprints of the wanted suspicious were found on the driver’s truck. Together with the finding of the tolerating documents, this is available to the suspicion against him.

Connections to the Jihad

The Tunisier Anis Amri is to have links to German Salafists who have become known to become known, which the Board of Directors urgently daily to be related. According to the mirror, he should noticed the investigators that he offered himself as a suicide matte. He also has "In the case of a source of security errors, inquiries how he kaffen".

For a arrest it was not enough, reports the mirror. That’s what happened to what happened yesterday as Lucke: The security authorities knew the man for a long time, but he escaped the "Control network".

In addition, it became clear in his deportation procedure: Anis Amri was dismissed after a day of deportation in the Jva Ravensburg because he had no papers. "Because without papers, the authorities could not determine where Anis Amri had to be deported." (FOCUS).


For politicians, especially from the Union and especially from the CSU, the proposals have been bubbling since the arrest of the first, obviously innocent-suspicious. In the majority, they go to the last point, on counterparts on the loss of control in connection with the escape of escape policy.

That the control deficit, which shows in the case of the second, apparently not groundlessly suspicious, causes headshafts, is lacking. But that the escape of the escape of the main role is crowded to the political bean, she owes the electoral theater. She plays a role – there was control loss in the Greater Ausmab – the escape of escape under Merkel does not play the main role.

France had experienced several closing and several stop attempts, without Merkel to the government, without the gross escape tandrang as in Germany. The research after the abandonment, as in Belgium, also revealed coarse global breakdowns, in the cooperation of the authorities with each other and last but not least in the supervision of "Danger", The in France from the secret service with the "Fiche S" be marked.

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