Now Germany will be delivered again with election posters

Photo: Christoph Jehle

Funf weeks before the federal election, they hung again land up, landab and adjust the view of the landscape

For two weeks in Germany the poster election campaign for the general election in September. In the country, he also sets up this year mainly to the automotiveists. Before circular agents or on striving crossings, you want to get attention and steer more or less strongly from traffic events. Who is not traveling by car or with the regional bus, will only see little of the four-color poster webs. Cyclists are now mostly getting the politician portraits to face the lantern pylons storm and rain. In the lantern pastries, there are federal tags the restriction that a party may only occupy each second lantern.

For the third time this year, a sacular blogger was murdered on open strain from muted

In Bangladesh, the Islamists are stronger. Already at the end of last year, in a protest organized by Hefajat-E-Islam around the 100.000 applied Islamic fundamentalists by the capital Dhaka to demand a hard action against blasphemy. Who insults the Islam or the prophets, so the claim should be punished with the death penalty. In particular, the government was invited to dozens of "Atheistic bloggers" tack. In February 2013, the Blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider had been killed with a machete, before the demonstration had already been arrested four bloggers. They were accused of hurt religious hurt (Bangladesh: Islamists against blogger).

Image: Imran Sarker

Social loan systems in capitalism

Image: pixabay.Com

Extrajes Punishment Systems: China Conditions honest behavior through monitoring, punishment and privileges, in capitalism privileges are so far regulated by money

In 2014, China has begun to introduce its social loan system, the basic implementation is planned by 2020. From then on, all companies are evaluated by conclusion of existing data by point, including foreign. Thus, the politically adapted companies could be rewarded with a lower tax, fewer conditions and government.

German Islamists and Mohamed Merah

For the one Mohamed Merah is a cold-blooded morder, for the others an Islamist warrior, hero and now Martyr. German Islamists are not agreeing in their opinion about Toulouse’s assassination, as Internet entries show.

Fitna – This is the Arab term that describes a heavy time full of chaos, exams and challenges for the Muslim community. Fitna, that also means between between and dispute to the cleavage of the community. In the past centuries, these disputes have led to the cleavage of sects and the emergence of instrocious denominations within the Muslim Community.

Still rising energy prices and a more accurate okosystem clarifies the need for efficient alternatives to fossil fuels

Every year the "Energy hunger" the global evolution of immensely and demand for sufficient and secure energy supply is steadily increasing. The far large proportion of energy production is based today on the burning of fossil energy carrier coal, mineralol and gas. The uncertainties of the productive energy supply due to the increasing shortage of the fossil preference, thus the rising danger of humans and the environment through the combustion products, the worry of a secured future.

Due to the use of modern technology, while efficiencies and environmental contracts can be increased and thereby reduces emissions, they can be prevented completely so they can not be prevented. Climate change and concern for global world warming plays an increasingly important role in addition to security of supply.

The former EU Commissioner Cresson has misunderstood funds and violated commitments, but punishment, so the Supreme Court of the EU, must not be because it has already been punished by the announcement of her miscarriage

The EU wants to become more transparent. For this the open meetings of the Council of Ministers are transferred as a webcast on the Internet, and for the time being in the languages English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. On Tuesday, the first shipment began with the ECOFIN Council of EU Economic and Finance Ministers. There was one and a half hour session live, the discussion about the stability and growth pact was the financial ministerial but then again to be granted to be given. However, the Hollandi Finance Minister doubts whether people will really follow the meetings. You had to find even more exciting topics and debates. In excited by the Vorstob, Parliament now wants to transfer his meetings from 2007 via the Internet. This should then cost or 9 million euros, approved for the project now one million.

After all, it became transparent that the short-term French headquarters Edith Cresson in its term as a EU Research Commissioner of 1995 to 1999 has defose funds. The main appeal point was that she made a friendly, 66-year-old dentist to her "personal adviser" for AIDS and at least 145.000 Euro, but this did not provide real performance for his "scientific missions" and he was not an expert as a dentist for it anyway. Actually, the dentist was not a personal advisor, because Cresson had already occupied all the places, he was already too old, whereupon the commissioner was also pointed out. She then made Cresson short-manner to a "Visiting Scientist". The maximum for a maximum of two years, which is why the employment of the dentist employed from September 1995 to February 1998 by Cresson or rather paid – with monthly 4.500 euros -, alone for time against EU laws. Although Cresson wanted to give her doctor any further money, he joined himself from health grounds and died in 2000.

Just Obama, who has received and adopted the Nobel Peace Prize, gets up more than any other US prasident "Targeted totters" In a concealed war

The war with remote drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia or in Yemen was under George W. Bush started, but he was known to be amused under the Nobel Peacetrags Barack Obama enormously. The use of armed drones means a new war carrying, which is usually not approached against fighting opponents, but inspirable militant, terrorists or other enemies secretly to be killed, from the ambush. Dafur becomes the concept of "Targeted totung" Used, which, of course, should legitimize only one murder attack. Is surprising that nowhere is the strategy of targeted totes or the murder attack with drones roughly discussed or questioned, although it has decisively changed the war.

If she "Targeted totations" According to international law and the USA is justified, is controversial. Mostly argues that in war areas, a targeted tottion of enemies, even if they are not in donated, is right to rather when it comes to danger. Last year, this attitude had also made its own German government. They are, so far from the Bundeswehr and the Foreign Ministry, it was legally legal when it comes to a non-international war, and for the ISAF troops in Afghanistan and in the "Rules of NATO" intended. Although the German government fondly guilty, whether it actively contributes to identifying and identifying people who are not to be arrested, but to be killed, but it is obvious that all ISAF states accept the use of killer drones, without Coarse to enter legal discussions (Federal Government wants to continue the sensitive topic of the "Targeted dead" reiterate).

Laboratory for the development and testing of police and military "Crowd Control": The double summit of G8 and G20 calls police, militar and private security services on the plan

Summit protests and international sporting events are laboratories for the development and testing of police and military "Crowd Control". After the Olympic Games, the G8 and G20 in June want to meet in Canada. The security measures for the double summit should be beating at least 131 million euros.

Two years before and therefore unusual Fruh, as a venue for the this-year G8 summit, the Canadian Government announced the Huntsville Golf Resort in the state of Ontario. After the so-called "financial crisis" and the resurgence of the "Group of twenty most important industrial and thresholders" (G20) Canada is also organizer of the semi-annual G20 meeting. For both peaks are bookings of around 50.000 hotel beds expect, including delegates, their "entourage" and journalists and service staff.

New Hassrades of the Iranian President

The Iranian place Sahedan is not a pleasant place for transit travelers. The city is located in the Weste Beliblistan, about 60 to 80 kilometers from the borders to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The population is very poor, smuggling traditionally an important source of revenue and armed manners who stand around with duster mienen on open fires, a usual sight. The few westerners who cared there will prefer to stay at the hotel and wait there on the next bus. The Iranian Prasident Ahmadinejad now has chosen this place to bring back to his brandy (cf). Iran’s misrepresentation: The Holocaust is a myth, he said there in a speech that was transferred nationwide in Iranian television.

At his first speech, which provided for international surveying and shock, the Iranian Prassident wanted to erase Israel from the map (cf. The chain dog), with his second speech, Israel should be relocated to Bavaria, in his speech he paid again Europe, but also the US, Canada or even Alaska as alternative laying options and spoke explicitly this time, which he first indirectly But clear enough to understand – the denial of the Holocaust:

The long-term goal of the European spacecary agency ESA is clear – but the way there is still far

2033 should the first European "Marsman" Stir the red dust of the fourth planet of the solar system by Pedes. The future-oriented and trend-setting Aurora program of the European Space Agency ESA wants to pave the hundrious, long and costly way to Mars. Encouraged by the youngest successes of the Mars Express mission, the Titan-state probe Huygens, the Moon Order Smart-1, the Venus Satellite Venus Express and the long-term stay of Thomas Rider on the International Space Station ISS, Bundelt the ESA flushes its energies to lay the foundation for a first interplanetary manned expedition.

14. January 2005 at point 11.13 o’clock mez: A socket capsule dives at a speed of 20.000 hour kilometers fully automatic, without control engine, in the steep angle in 1270 kilometers high in the dense atmosphere of the mysterious Saturnmondes titanium. Already four minutes after joining the gas hull of the trabor, the ESA-Lander Huygens sends the first data packet to his mother probe Cassini. After five minutes, the density of nitrogen atmosphere brakes the strange intruder before a smaller parachute to the upper heat protection plate continues in a high of around 180 kilometers. The first major case unfolds. Already 42.5 seconds later the instruments of the landing work on a full-time. A third parachute demands the sink flight of the immersion probe to two and a half hours.

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