Poland admits the EM 2012 temporary controls of its limits to Germany and the Czech Republic. In Ukraine were legislation "Small rowdytum" decided

The Polish Government wants to expose the Schengen agreement to the Gentlemen Fubball European Championship of the Lords and make controls of EU internal borders for four weeks. An appropriate letter has now addressed the government in Warsaw to the EU Commission. Accordingly, the undergraded size monitoring is already started four days before the opening match: The mockage extends from 4. June to 1. July. Thus, Poland irritates the maximum duration of the corresponding special regulation in the Schengen agreement.

The NATO is also there at the EM-Effort game in Warsaw

National Stadium in Warsaw. Image: Mateusz Włodarczyk / CC BY-SA 3.0

And at this time he can still make some political decisions that could make life difficult for the new prasident

The last few weeks and months have unexpectedly shifted the political orientations of the US burger – and probably very at the bottom of McCain. According to a survey of CNN among burgers who have already chosen, 62 percent said that for the economy is the most important topic. Iraq is only 10 percent at the top, terrorism for 9 percent. This makes McCain and the Republicans just cross the topics of their law-and-order policy that have born Bush and McCain. The fear of virtual terror in the US is the fear of the economic crisis that is much closer. With the fear of Osama, Taliban and Iran, the election is not to be attracted, and thus not with further monitoring and more police state in the US.

If the new Prasident of the United States will be chosen, he is far from power. The US has not only strange registration procedures for voters and ailing old and new election systems that would like to make problems and not completely trust. There is also an obsolete electoral system still from pre-modern times of the Wild West. That’s why it will take 77 days until the choice of the new prasident comes to the Office. But that also means that the old Prasident, George W. Bush, still 77 days time has to make his successor difficult to make life or quickly to use some stakeholders.

Exploitation from India to Germany

Exploitation and environmental destruction often go hand in hand, also in Dhaka Bangladesh. Photo: Marco Doringer

A study by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation comes to the conclusion that the tea pickers are being exploited in Darjeeling, India. The fact that the person who does the actual work is exploited is also part of the system in Germany

The Nepalese tea-growing region of Ilam is 60 kilometers west of Darjeeling. Below the bazaar town of Phikkal, the members of the Kulung family pick around 2.500 kilos of tea leaves per year, which they roll and dry themselves. Because they pay attention to quality and only the first two sheets and the so-called "Tip" pick, tea connoisseurs now pay 80 dollars per kilo.

Terrorism stagnation should legitimize storage of connection data

In the European Parliament, a dispute over the EU privacy policy has broken out: it is about whether connection data must be kept or led to. Connection data do not provide information about the content of communication, but about who communicated with whom with whom, so that u.A. Profiles of contact networks can also be created in pressure effect. Beneforts believe that the storage of the connection data can better track various forms of cybercriminalitat better. The dispute was ended today in the sense of data protection, but against the will of the Council.

The Council of the European Union had under the sign of terrorist attack in the USA for looser provisions in the Directive "About the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in electronic communication" (PDF file) used.

In short, three studies have been published, which can hardly be united

The situation is confused, the inaccuracy in many aspects of climate research still high. While the one climate researcher says that in the last 100 years the increasing CO2 emissions by the growing reception of Okosystems as a lowering to a nearly constant concentration in the atmosphere (but no problem with climate heat?), now reports other scientists that the recording capacity seems to decline. This was meant that climate heat accelerates because CO2 emissions in the atmosphere enrich.

The CO2 recording of the seas and terrestrial biosystems decreases?

Increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Image: Nature / Corinne Le Quere et al.

The fear of the Minister of Finance in front of the debt trillion

Seat of the Bank Popular in Madrid. Image: Luis Garcia / CC BY-SA-3.0 it

In the balance sheets of the banks, many lazy loans dune, more than a third in Italy alone

It has been done in the official Europe as if the financial and banking crisis be over. However, at the latest with the rescue of the Italian Monte dei Pashi, which should not exist anymore after the banks’ guidelines, the topic was shaking again at the turn of the year. The fall comes near and it meets with Italy the third grobe Euroland. The country has long been the time bomb in the euro area because of its high debt and the political permanent crisis.

Stop in Berlin: on the wrong track?

Photo: Andreas Trojak / CC by 2.0

A commentary to the public political "Cause research" the attack on the Christmas market

"Anxiety" Tit the picture yesterday in wide coarse letters under the photo of the Berlin Christmas market with the destructed front of the "Terrorist" and two policemen in the foreground. "It was Islamist terror! And the nightmare goes on", The text starts.

How to operate a US mining company with unrestrained ambitions in Indonesia – Part 2

The effects of the mountain activities of Freeport and Rio Tinto are obvious: the crater at the Grasberg and the waste deposits in the river runs are self-recognizable (Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc. – Part 1). And not only: For years, the mine operators have regard to the use of the services of Indonesian army and police units as well as the way of dealing with indigenous population groups in criticism. But it stimulates resistance.

Freeport: 'Working Towards Sustainable Development'?

Satellite picture of the Grasberg mine. Photo: NASA

Netherlands sued to extensive environmental protection maps

Coal power plant Maasvlakte (E.ON), Rotterdam. Image: Zandcee / CC BY-SA-3.0

Also the appellate court forces the state "Real threat through dangerous climate change" to trade

If the (leading) rescue of the Hambach Forsts or the first judicially demanded diesel bans were a rule of law in terms of environmental protection, then an earthquake occurred in The Hague: the appeal against the judgment of 24. June 2015, the Court now once again ordered the Dutch government to reduce CO2 emissions by the end of 2020 by 25%. Otherwise, the state treasury threatens sensitive observations.

The militar strike splits the EU

Aufeister Heiko Maas can not make German position at EU level. The "Role", Otherwise, the Germany likes to claim in Europe, is no longer recognizable. Image: EU

The Foreign Ministers reject it in a Krisendeffen in Luxembourg to fuel the use in Syria. You want to avoid escalation and one "Diplomatic solution" Looking for

EU Council’s President Donald Tusk reported first to speak. The EU is closed behind the western militar farming in Syria, the Liberal Polish politician went to Saturday morning in Brussel.

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