Olympia burger decision with information doping

On the 10th. November the eligible voters in several Upper Bavarian municipalities over an application for the winter games 2022

On the 10th. November will take place in Munchen and Garmisch-Partenkirchen as well as in the Upper Bavarian Countries Traunstein and Berchtesgaden Burgerenschegge over a joint application for the Olympic Winter Games 2022. The Bavarian state capital had already applied in 2011 together with several other Upper Bavarian municipalities for Winter Games 2018, but was in the first ballot against Sudkorean Pyeongchang inferior. The then application had cost about 33 million euros, this time you want to get along with 29 million.

The documents that the municipalities sent for the vote also contain information brochures on the application project. In it, however, only such information is listed, which speak from the point of view of the majorities in the four local parliaments for an application – including an emotional memory of the "Sport Nation Germany" and the 1972 Olympic Summer Games (but not to the Winter Games 1936 in Garmisch), extensive information on the use of existing facilities and one "sustainable" Connection usage of parts of new buildings, conscience to the alleged meaning of Paralympics for the "Century offer inclusion" and the promise that the event is "Engine for business and tourism" will be.

The voting documents enclosed pro-Olympia flyers of the city of Munchen

When asked why the election documents were exclusively enclosed arguments for an application, it is called by the city of Munchen that this "legal ground" not otherwise possible: Basis of the Burger’s decision was not a burger, but a council request – and the city council decided with a very broad majority for an application. If one had also settled arguments of city council mining, then that had to confuse the burgers. With the one-sided information, however, they knew exactly what the city council wants. Similarly, one argues in Traunstein and Berchtesgaden.

Burger, both sides of the "Olympic medal" want to know, must inform oneself in the media and on the web, where the opponents of an application operate the central portal Nolympia. They point out, among other things, that in the youngest past, all winter games for taxpayers were massive losses that burden the public funds for years and decades of liabilities with debt. In addition, the costs were significantly higher than the sum estimated to the application date, which is currently estimated at 3.3 billion euros in the case of the Upper Bavarian application.

In addition, the municipalities in the host City Treaty had to take the full cost risk, during the IOC in any case (probably billionshohen) profit. In general, the host-city agreement formulated for all applicant countries in accordance with Swiss law, in the opinion of the Regensburg Municipal Right Expert Gerrit Mansen, is so unilaterally designed in favor of the IOC that German politicians "actually not signed".

However, the exact wording of the current catch of the agreement is intended to be presented to the local politicians only after the application. In addition, the IOC is available in the previously handicrafts to change the conditions at all times one-sided. Similarly problematic is the obligation of the municipalities, in times of an uncertain climate on all venues for "Snow safety" to care. In addition, alone, the IOC, who will make it during the Olympic time lit and not. Many local taxers and other medium and small business owners, therefore, by no means of one "Engine for business and tourism" to benefit, but largely empty or to accept pubes. According to Nolympia releases even gross companies had to pay either as sponsors a lot of money to the IOC or with high financial effort their logos veil.

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