Now germany will be delivered again with election posters

Now Germany will be delivered again with election posters

Photo: Christoph Jehle

Funf weeks before the federal election, they hung again land up, landab and adjust the view of the landscape

For two weeks in Germany the poster election campaign for the general election in September. In the country, he also sets up this year mainly to the automotiveists. Before circular agents or on striving crossings, you want to get attention and steer more or less strongly from traffic events. Who is not traveling by car or with the regional bus, will only see little of the four-color poster webs. Cyclists are now mostly getting the politician portraits to face the lantern pylons storm and rain. In the lantern pastries, there are federal tags the restriction that a party may only occupy each second lantern.

In the election campaign, the parties can place their monichen everywhere, where they hope they are perceived. Since it is a strain source use, the election homes of the respective parties are obliged to apply for the establishment of the electoral posters a special use permit. This is free of charge, but should be applied for a good month before setting up the poster wall. The state-made municipalities have as good as no handle to prevent the competition along the strain.

The poster actions are considered an expression of a lived democracy and thus there are numerous special rights obtained in the course of the poster locations over the decades. The political parties are here in a special position that only a few grouping in Germany can reclaim. Comparable rights to the poster are beyond the elections only for referendums and folk decisions, where they also serve political will formation.

The coarse patches of political parties pay not least due to their installation privileges now to the dinosaurs of the advertising sample. In the field of product advertising, they were now multiplied by performances on the Internet. However, the election advertisement seems to have remained little creatively at the gross placards.

Is rubbing, handling or handling part of the permitted political examination?

The scarce answer is no. The shading of election posters is punishable. It threatens up to two years imprisonment. However, one must be available to the deadan. However, indications in the past, however, usually ran into the emptiness and so the affected parties show such shadings hardly. The offenses do not dive in the police statistics. However, disappearance from statistics does not mean that this type of unauthorized community has become rarer.

The longer the election posters are to be seen, the more the more or less creative "Machining" the motifs by political adversaries or simple spabbird. The classics are the fast-painted Hitlerbarten or the alienation of a candidate name. So dear for a now no longer advancing candidates the first name Gernot through overline or syringes of the first syllable transform into an "distress".

However, a viable of election posters applies according to § 303 ABS. 1 Criminal Code (StGB) as a kind of assaditation. Because the color applied to the election poster so with the printed paper connects that removal is associated with a relatively high effort, one speaks here even from a non-insignificant influence of the substance. Nevertheless, the above-up of election posters does not apply as a so-called mutual obligation to material damaging according to § 304 StGB, because the political parties do not perceive public powers. Thus, election posters are no stuff that serve the public benefit.

The legal protection of election posters against damages is also applicable if the collection meets a slogan, which is likely to fulfill the facts of a referendum. Whether the placeable person can call responsible for the right of the free community or has guilty of it, respectively, must be decided in court.

Even more or less extensive modification or removal is a case of self-judiciary, which is not admitted in Germany. If you remove election posters or leave whole poster walls, you must also expect an ad for theft. The removal of election posters thus does not pay for the admission instruments in the context of the political examination with counterparts. This applies to all not mentioned parties. You can participate in the political opinion and willing process, even if your intentions and goals are so many burger the hair to mountain.

What may be set up for seven weeks before the election must be redone a week after the election. Not infrequently, the still standing poster flavors are glued to the choice. Sometimes the respective party thanks that it was re-elected. Sometimes it is also more or wild advertising placeation, which was hidden in some cases among the election posters and saw the light of the public immediately after the election. However, their short life ends with the degradation of the poster walls.

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