Martyr or morder?

German Islamists and Mohamed Merah

For the one Mohamed Merah is a cold-blooded morder, for the others an Islamist warrior, hero and now Martyr. German Islamists are not agreeing in their opinion about Toulouse’s assassination, as Internet entries show.

Fitna – This is the Arab term that describes a heavy time full of chaos, exams and challenges for the Muslim community. Fitna, that also means between between and dispute to the cleavage of the community. In the past centuries, these disputes have led to the cleavage of sects and the emergence of instrocious denominations within the Muslim Community.

Fitna threatens even when individual actors of the Muslim community became the mouthpiece of the "Upmath" Put up, take the word and propagate a specific opinion. This is always happier in Germany, if it is necessary to look for terrorist attacks Islamist fanatics. While the a terror in the name of Allahs always reject and condemn, the radicals celebrate the attack as heroes and martyrs.

Current Example: The Throw Tats of the 23-year Mohamed Merah in the Budwest France. Muslim association managed in Germany, as the "Central Council of Muslims in Germany" (ZMD), reacted "deeply steady" On the murders of the self-retired Al-Qaeda camphor Merah. They spoke against any form of violence, and expressed the relief of the victims of their condolences.

The Islamist scene, however, reacts only a lot. Should one condemn the murders of soldiers and Judian children? Or should one explain the totete morder to the faith brother, and Allah ask him to give him a place in paradise for his deeds? Was the totung of children from religious perspective allowed? Islamic fundamentalists in Germany are undoubtedly.

Pierre Vogel condemned Control of Toulouse

Probably the most prominent Salafite preacher of the Federal Republic, Pierre Vogel, published on his website a written statement of his press notice. That condemned the Kolner ex-boxer bird, the deeds of Mohamed Merah sharp and unmistakable. "We condemn the short-committed approach to innocent people on the sharpest", it is called in the opinion. Although there were still no evidence for an Islamic motivation of Merah, but the dead of innocents is not allowed to a Muslim even in war.

Terror no help for Muslims in the world

"We are all very toppled by the unjust warfuels of the Americans and his friends and affected emotionally", It is called in the statement of bird speakers, "However, a stop will not improve the situation in the affected countries, completely on the contrary." All Muslims in Germany are called to behave quietly and peacefully, emphasize the Salafite. No one was helped when a Muslim with a bomb or a firearm innocent people dead.

Even to potential imitators of the actions of the French death wearing the birds are turning. "Should you put in a phase in which you come to bad thoughts", So the offer of the Salafite, "Then please contact us so we can help you to organize your world of thought."

That here the preacher and missionary bird obviously speaks only for a part of the Salafitic scene, became clear immediately after the publication of the letter. The most radical elements of the German Islamist scene, in security circles of "Salafish-Jihadist part" mentioned, reacted with emport to the condemnation of Mohamed Merah and his deeds.

The radical celebrations Merah

"You should shame something like that about the brother", Commented from the Islamist Mohammed M from Austria. Alias "Abu Usama Al-Gharib" The bird’s statement to Toulouse, "Where does his CV or know about?. Brother? With Allah this is the biggest ignorance about Islam that I have ever led!"

Mohammed M. Is considered one of the most radical representatives of salafism in Germany. Only in September 2011 he had been released in Austria after several years of detention and wandered a short time later to Germany. First, M lived. In Berlin, then moved to the North Rhine-Westfalische Solingen and now lives in Hesse.

A friend of M., The Berlin Ex-Rapper Denis C. (formerly "DESO DOGG"), expressed his admiration for the Attesta of Toulouse much imminently. On his Facebook profile Anderte the Islamist rapper his profile picture short-hand and used a portrait of Mohamed Merah. "The worship warrior of Martyer Mohamed Merah, makes asking prayers for him!", wrote C. Under the photo. Meanwhile, the Facebook page is Denis C. Turned off.

In the Anonymity of the Internet, some German Islamists celebrated the following days of the Merah’s Thursday, while he had been entrenched in his apartment in Toulouse. "Jihad in France live on television Hehehehe", wrote a mutual Islamist from Germany on Facebook when the French police had surrounded Merah’s apartment. "What to do with Jihad", asked another Facebook Islamist. "Crusader soldiers were slaughtered in their homeland", so the answer of the obvious terror sympathizer.

German security authorities Register these different views of the Salafite scene to extremist violence for a long time. The Islamist Milieu Best from several currents and currently different developments are observed, such an investigator opposite "Telepolis". The risk of imitators of the Toulouse Attentate was given, but the hazard is unnecessary. At the overall assessment of the danger situation nothing has changed, it is called from security circles.

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