Handling against escapeons

Handling against escapeons

Lageso Berlin, 8. October 2015: Flights have joined the Rontgenmobil to seek protection against continuous rain. Photo: P. Late

"Politically persecuted enjoy asylum law", it is called in Article 16a of the Basic Law. But instead of helping people in need to help, politicians throw verbal fire issues

Every escape that has reached Berlin has to register at the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lageso). Only with this registration enabled people receive a place to stay and meals. As far as the theory, the practice is terrible:

Who enters this day the sands of the Lageso in Berlin-Moabit sees bad: families with babies and toddlers sitting on the cold concrete floor, freezing and mixed through the rain. Hundreds of people have to endure in front of the building and wait for a weekly that they can finally register. Already on the waiting marks are waiting for days. Did you have to take care of outdoor in the surrounding parks.

Among them are many people who are heavily traumatized – they are nor medically secure by the state of Berlin, such as pregnant women and people who are ill at pneumonia or tuberculosis. And the number of escape flows growth is exponential: per day come between 300 to 500 escape on the Lageso, but a maximum of 250 people are registered by the author.

Behind these abstract numbers are terrible individual destinies – people who were on the flight for weeks on the run, which had to experience air raids with barrel bombs, which were tortured that had to be hungry and who had to take back their families. Many liked to catch up on their families, every day of waiting for the asylum is to be tortured.

Due to the catastrophic location on the Lageso Christiane Beckmann and Diana Lucine call "MOABIT helps! Welcome initiative for enamed" currently on a demo and write:

Contrary to all the allegations and courage by politics and media organize, cook, sort, treat, maintain, throat, inform, supervise, accompany, strust, transport, activate the volunteer supports in the burgerinitiative "MOABIT helps" still on the Lageso. And often 15 hours on the stucco, day and night, seven days a week.


Contrary to all allegations on the part of politics and administration is nothing good. The structures of the Lageso have already collapsed. The volunteer helpers still prevent coarse chaos and manages for weeks with a rough effort of the state of exception on the country. Daytime, up to 300-500 come to the Turmstrae 21 to register. The desperate, waiting people are always desperate day for day and the winter is standing in front of the door. The people are proven to wait from the time of employment for a number for registration up to the issue of the first documents up to 57 days. Every day, almost two months!

"MOABIT helps" complains the Senate’s administration. Particularly protective requirement remain unaccepted, the asylum seeker performance law remains unintentional about weeks. Little until no money, no health care, poor food and even worse information policy. The result is a catastrophic emergency state.

MOABIT helps!

Handling against escapeons

Lageso Berlin, 8. October 2015: Queue before the registry building. Many refugees have been waiting for their registration number for weeks. Photo: P. Late

The CDU-"Letter of appeal" and the end of the charity

Reports of other visual reserves for enclosed read similar. Politics fails on entire line. And instead of finally acting and helping, 34 CDU politicians have decided to deal with Angela Merkel "Letter of appeal" to write because the recording capacities "Ticked up to the boundaries and make some places affected" be. The CDU politicians demand the "Open limits" To exit, you correspond "neither the European or German law, nor is she in line with the program of the CDU."

Signed the letter strikingly many Berlin CDU politicians, including Christoph Brzezinski, Chairman of the Young Union Berlin, as well as Sven Rissmann, parliamentary business administration of the CDU Group Berlin. In other words, instead of helping, sit in their heated buros and company cars and now throw verbal fire sets.

During the Cold War, a number of critics went to write the GDR as a GDR to signal with the lowercase, that they do not matter to a democratic state. You should also go over to write CDU, because the Christianest love have probably forgotten the Christian Democrats. Because the means to help the escape lingen are self-resistant.

But the thing with the last nights have forgotten even the official deputies of God in this country: At the beginning of October, Bedford-Strohm, Chairman of the Stinkronden Protestant Church in Germany, and Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Chairman of the also Skeher Catholic German Bishops Conference, in a common Explain for one "Farewell culture" the end. Just remembered: Maria and Josef fled to Egypt, because Konig Herod threatened to death her child. The escape binder Jesus found asylum and supervised. Today, Maria, Joseph and Jesus were probably abandoned by their own church.

Basic Law, Article 16a and the CDU

You could also write CDU, because even the last shreds of the democratic constitutional state seem to have led the signatories of the fire letter on board. Why please the right to asylum should "European or German law" contradict?

In the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, it is called under Article 18: "The right to asylum will be followed by the Geneva Agreement of 28. July 1951 and the protocol of 31. January 1967 on the legal status of the escape of the escape and after the contract of the contract on the European Union and the contract on the working method of the European Union."

And in the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany is clearly under Article 16a, paragraph 1: "Politically persecuted dedicated asylum law."

At the moment where a fellow man reaches the boundaries of the Federal Republic, he or she has the right to access to an asylum procedure and the right to protect food. The demands of the CDU-"Fire letter" So clearly violate the fundamental rights of the Germans as well as proceeded per asylum.

The same applies to all those politicians, including increasingly politicians of the SPD, one "Upper limit" and a "Recording stop" demand. For Gluck, our Basic Law does not provide such upper limits, and thus no recording stops. People do not flee from Jux and Tollerei, but before war, poverty and hunger (escape especially in front of the bombs of the regime).

Talking here from upper limits as a handling people are a purely Burocratic administrative act, is more than cynical – and also against the catch. In this respect, Federal Chancellor Merkel simply right if she says at least as a lip problem: "The fundamental right to asylum for politically persecuted knows no upper limit."

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