Great britain wants to provide kurden ammunition from times of the soviet union

The British Prime Minister Cameron resists receivables for a strong military use in Iraq

Great Britain wants to support Kurdish units in the fight against the IS militia by adding the Royal Air Force from Eastern European countries, which gives Fruhe to the Warsaw Pact, "Supplies weapons and ammunition that come from times of the Soviet Union", Cit the Guardian an envision of the British Prime Minister Cameron. Which Eastern European countries are accurate, will not be mentioned. Is only given to that "The Kurds have not requested British weapons".

"You want ammunition and weapons you already use", So Cameron’s words, "This is delivered and the Great Britain plays a role in ensuring this". Noteworthy is the statement of the Son of the Prasident of the Autonomous Region Kurdistan in Iraq, Masrur Barzani, Chief of the Security Council and the Intelligence Service, which the BBC is suppurely, that his dispute-required modern and heavy weapons needed so that they could take it with the armament the possession of the Islamic state has been recently.

In Washington, Reuters had reported in the past week, the Kurds had a strong lobbying work for weeks to make their demands for the calling of the Peshmerga troops "sophisticated weapons" ("sophisticated") claim and enforce. They could also put on that American corporations, such as ExxonMobil and Chevron, make good businesses in Arbil, what, as the New Yorker, is quite a role in the US’s interest in protecting the city prior to access the IS-Milizen, who have already cited some Olfelder and refinients.

In Paris, Prasident Hollande, who explained yesterday, that he will send weapons immediately to the Kurds – "sophisticated weapons" ("Sophistique"), as Fabius said a TV channel -, last week a long conversation with the prasident of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masud Barzani, guided.

Four days ago, Aubister Fabius in Arbil, where the French OL Group has totally a Deregnang, who made a large deal with Kurdish lead in 2012, which the Iraqi government under management Al-Malikis does not agree with Al-Malikis like other similar tolerated.

But Rough Britain with BP, which is in Kurdistan in business, also had a similar interest in interest to the security of the Kurdish Olfelder. But Cameron showed itself against demands of politicians and "Warshogs" after a stronger British use, Z.B. With fighting jets, unruly.

He stressed yesterday that coincidence is mainly involved in the help of the enameled in the mountains near Sinschar, with transport aircraft and chinook helicopters.

As an explanation for his resistance to military intervention is referred to the upcoming elections, on the skeptical attitude of the British openness of the Militarian interventions since the Iraq war disaster – and not least on the spectacular defeat in front of the Parliament, the Cameron last year happened as he female on a military use in Syria (British Unterhaus says no to military action against Syrian regime).

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