Fdp: against transfer union and upload filters, but for macron?

FDP: Against Transfer Union and upload filters, but for Macron?

Emmanuel Macron. Photo: EU2017EE. License: CC by 2.0

Deutsche Liberals have confirmed that they want to work together after the European elections with LREM in a new group

Last year, negotiations between representatives of Emmanuel Macron’s Party La Republique de Marche and political groupings in other countries suggested that the French head of state in the European Parliament wants to grow a new group. For speculation that he wants to swallow the previous Liberal Alde Group completely or roughly, representatives answered the German FDP rather evasively evaluated (cf. Macron plans new "antipopulist" Group in the European Parliament).

Now the FDP has confirmed the tarpaulin for a common group with the Macronists. On Saturday, such a press release was underhandlers of Macron’s electoral court "Renaissance" (to which in addition to his Republique en Marche, the two smaller French parties agir and Mouvement Democrate obedience) and representatives of the FDP, the Easter-Rich Neos, the Dutch ruling party VVD, the Belgian-Wallian ruling party MR, the Hungarian Organizational Party Momentum and the Spanish Ciudadanos Centralists Officially agreed. In addition, the Dutch opposition party D66 should be in the boat.

Shortly thereafter, the Portuguese head of government Antonio Luis Santos Da Costa communicate, his so far in the Social Democratic S&D-Group HEIMATED PARTIDE SOCIALISTA (PS) will be the new one "centrist" Faction also adhere. Media reports after the So far, the Social Democratic Italian PD and possibly also parties from the previous Grunen Group could follow.

Influence on personnel decisions

From this new bundis, Macron hopes, among other things, influence on personnel decisions. For example, on the EU Commission and Through EU Parliamentary Program. For the office of parliamentary language, the Belgian-Flamic Centralist Guy Verhofstadt is alleged, for the office of the Commission’s Prospectivein the Danin Margrete Storage (cf. EU Commission’s Practor: Vestor instead of Weber?) yesterday in the German image-Newspaper for itself.

Collaboration of the FDP with Emmanuel Macron’s LREM, however, raises some questions: not only the, as the centralist transfer plan of the French head of state to fit what the German liberals call for national level (cf. Lindner warns Federal Government before completed facts in Brussel), but also to the internet tensile and especially for upload filters, behind their import the French state authorization as a driving force. The FDP, on the other hand, was thus to prevent such measures.

The course is provided by the Commission

The question of how the contract was contracted, the FDP has so far been placed in social media, but rather flat or not answered. The party is "independent", For example, said her district council chandidate Martin Fehringer.

In fact, the fraction forces in the European Parliament – at least so far – is significantly less pronounced than that in the Bundestag and in German parliaments. For example, FDP MEPs voted against a directive in the upload filters. The Frenchman warned "Fake news", the Dane "Kunstaub" (see. EU Parliament is true for factual upload filters).

That could also run in the future. The course in the EU does not constitute Parliament, but the Commission. And whether there will be a prasidential choices, which is more likely to correspond to the line of the German FDP as that of the French Prassident, is extremely questionable.

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