European parliament against storage of connection data

Terrorism stagnation should legitimize storage of connection data

In the European Parliament, a dispute over the EU privacy policy has broken out: it is about whether connection data must be kept or led to. Connection data do not provide information about the content of communication, but about who communicated with whom with whom, so that u.A. Profiles of contact networks can also be created in pressure effect. Beneforts believe that the storage of the connection data can better track various forms of cybercriminalitat better. The dispute was ended today in the sense of data protection, but against the will of the Council.

The Council of the European Union had under the sign of terrorist attack in the USA for looser provisions in the Directive "About the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in electronic communication" (PDF file) used.

He was a letter of the US Prassident George W. Bush followed at the former EU Council Chairman Guy Verhofstadt. Accordingly, connection data should be fine "to protect certain important public interests in relation to safety" "During a limited time" be kept. So Hour of the Great Britain free, the data for seven years, but also Germany to save the data as planned at least half a year. So far, the data can only be stored for billing purposes and must then be deleted.

As expected, this now roots resistance in parliament – but not on unanimous. Ana Palacia, Spanish European Parliament Deputies and Chairman of the Committee for Freedoms and Rights of the Burger, Love The Message Decision "The Rapporteur" spreading that Parliament wanted to follow the Council on the question. For Marco Cappato, Member of the European Parliament and rapporteur for the controversial Privacy Policy, is obvious that "the Council and the Spanish Prasidens want to conclude the matter quickly before the prasidens will take over from the privacy danen".

He created a change request and appealed to his colleagues not to follow Palacio. Your requests of the case law of the European Court of Justice for Human Rights. At present Thursday, Cappato was able to prevail with his proposal in the Committee for the freedoms and rights of the burger. The Committee voted against the proposal for the Council and that in the directive of each relation to a storage of connection data should be deleted. 

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