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Find Nemo – the guard resolution in the animation film?

Divers know that: When you first get down in the fascinating world of other colors, unseen shapes and strange animals, you quickly lose the orientation. There is much to see. The termination is steady the own position. The feelings, no longer be tied to the ground, let's forgot and sometimes ensures a pleasant little intoxication. In short: let's start.

"Mine!": The Mowen of Pixar probably not of approximately figures from Nick Parks Aardman Studio

This effect wants to offer the modern entertainment cinema and is currently often all the more magnificent, the more it struggles. "Matrix Revolutions" (see. "Are you from the matrix?" – "Yes. No. I mean, I was.") For example, the audience should be embedded in other dimensions, but instead brings it with his crude plot only radical on the ground of the facts. The animation film finds Nemo can be seen in this sense with FUG and right as a successful counter design to the pseudo-meaning-pregnant watchowski trilogy: here everything is simple, direct and perfect.

In FUNF importing minutes a story is paid, which has hardly any dodging in 95 more minutes and of course child-friendly Happy end. Clownfish Marlin loses his beloved woman with a Barrakuda attack and (400!) Children. The only remaining son Nemo he becomes a supercondent father. This represents itself against the patriarchal manager. Then Nemo lands in the network of a hobby fisherman and shortly thereafter in the aquarium of his dentist practice. The time runs, because the dentist wants to give Nemo of his vile niece, who adjusted with such prussians regularly gruesome things. Parallel to Nemos following outbreak attempts, his father Marlin crosses the ocean in search of his son.

This story sounds little original. And is it too. The film fascinates rather with a great set and original figures, especially Dorie. The lovable dokorf-lady annoys father Marlin, because she is standing static for everything. She has lost her short-term recent and chatted the same stuff. First, Marlin Dorie just wants to get rid of, but she will soon learn, despite her problem and love. Dorie is the pure gate, unloaded from the knowledge of the dangers of the ocean, the Marlin paves the way to his son with this ability. Skeptics fired that the synchronization of charm is lost that the US original voice gives Ellen Degeneres Dorie. Anke Engelke saved the Plaudergien but Bravouros into German, as a whole the translation has succeeded. Even the otherwise little funny clamauk duo elekan & Stefan closed as a sponsor for the neurotic sharks Hammer & Tough.

Also, anyburden, otherwise dumb and mimicless fish were not suitable as a protagonist for an evening-enforcing feature film, prove to be unfounded rapidly. The animators around Pixar boss John Lasseter succeeded in breaching the fusing marine animals in the rear rows of character. With coarse glass swings, the protagonists look, for example, credged happy, sad, anxiously, loving or questioningly. Almost it seems like the kneading figures from the Aardman Studio got stood here. The rough thickness of the British around Nick Park is it, like figures such as dogs, sheep or penguins only by sometimes minimalist eyesimic vision life and hatching to lend.

Completely detached

The cinema as an animated aquarium

Incidentally, for the Aardman entertainers, the bar of its animation art has now been smucked a little high. After success of "Chicken Run", The now also a while is (2000), Nick Park is currently awakening his two cult business Wallace & Gromit new to life. The stripe "The Curse of the Wernerabbit" (Working title) should come to the cinemas in 2005. How Park also uses Andrew Stanton, scriptwriter of "Find Nemo" Flamming in the young movie history: The shark guide, for example, does not see randomly the famous animated model "Bruce" from Spielberg "female shark" similar, he is even alive like that. Hitchcocks "Psycho" had to serve as the merry eclecticism of the authors as young man works, such as "Ocean's Eleven" or "Memento". Especially successfully staged the team a reference "Indiana Jones – the Temple of Death" (1984).

Make many of these details "Find Nemo" to a cinema event. The critics projecting into the cinema-future describe him already as the movie, which manifests the guard solution in the animation film: the two-dimensional cartoon film is snow of yesterday, they are safe. Three-dimensionally designed computer animations under the future. The mirror compares the behind "Find Nemo" Working technique unfamiliar euphorically even with the invention of the clay film – and argues sometimes something one-dimensional: the creators of the film are successful, technique, fantasy and a lot of humor to form a masterpiece. You have not revolutionized the genre.

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