The long-term goal of the European spacecary agency ESA is clear – but the way there is still far

2033 should the first European "Marsman" Stir the red dust of the fourth planet of the solar system by Pedes. The future-oriented and trend-setting Aurora program of the European Space Agency ESA wants to pave the hundrious, long and costly way to Mars. Encouraged by the youngest successes of the Mars Express mission, the Titan-state probe Huygens, the Moon Order Smart-1, the Venus Satellite Venus Express and the long-term stay of Thomas Rider on the International Space Station ISS, Bundelt the ESA flushes its energies to lay the foundation for a first interplanetary manned expedition.

14. January 2005 at point 11.13 o’clock mez: A socket capsule dives at a speed of 20.000 hour kilometers fully automatic, without control engine, in the steep angle in 1270 kilometers high in the dense atmosphere of the mysterious Saturnmondes titanium. Already four minutes after joining the gas hull of the trabor, the ESA-Lander Huygens sends the first data packet to his mother probe Cassini. After five minutes, the density of nitrogen atmosphere brakes the strange intruder before a smaller parachute to the upper heat protection plate continues in a high of around 180 kilometers. The first major case unfolds. Already 42.5 seconds later the instruments of the landing work on a full-time. A third parachute demands the sink flight of the immersion probe to two and a half hours.

The World Meteorological Organization warns that the advancing climate warming will become the weather extremes observed in recent months

Extremely high and low temperatures, a record number of storming and also unusual precipitation amounts or dry periods indicate that profound changes could have occurred. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) now warned that extreme weather conditions could continue to increase. New scientific findings, so the WMO in a message from 2. July, suggest that "With the climate change due to continuously growing temperatures, the number and strong of extreme occurrences will increase".

The weather runs amok

Graphic: UNEP.Net

Ulrich Renz over the gluck performance in our society

Throughocomancised society and their work spirit is the subject of the book tyranny of the work of Ulrich Renz. Telepolis talked to the physician about the mantra of politics, economics, media and elites.

Mr. Renz, how do you explain the high priority of work in this country?
Ulrich Renz: There are several factors and developments together. On the one hand, the specific German working ethos with its emphasis on the Protestant cardinal cups of flibes and performance. Hard work has a splendor in this country, which she does not have in the rather Catholic countries. This comes as a newer development, a fundamental vision of the company. The virtually automatic income increases are of the past, until the middle class turns into relegation, the social mobility has decreased, the underlayer is perspectiveless because ever. Just as the east was de facto by reunification, one fears to be remedied in the West by globalization. The German life in a permanent crisis-firing – and reactingly reactingly reacts with even rough motivation. Work is something like the solid anchor in stormy times. It is interesting that this grassy crisis gun is in blatant contrast to the actual economic situation. Germany is very economically conceivable well segregated by this transition times, also by the financial and euro crisis. Only in a single year was a shrinkage of the economy to see 0.75 percent. We are export world champion and europachampion. The company is shiny. But anyway, the basic feeling of the population is: we have to make an effort to afford even more, because we have the Chinese in the neck. The crisis rhetoric is ultimately part of the general mobilization we are currently experiencing. It comes to economics and politics quite well when the population says to have more effort. Ulrich Renz. Photo: © privately. What do you mean with "mobilization"
Ulrich Renz: Under Mobilization, I understand that more and more human energies are steered in the economy – so where they bring profit. The employment rate is driven up to ever new records, never stood in German history as many people in work controls as currently. Mother should now reduce their baby hot to a minimum, and from other countries young people are recruited, ensuring their qualifications in this country profitable, even if they are painful in their homewarers. Today, a full-time employee is working on average a small hour long in the week when he has done that 15 years ago, namely 43 hours. For the first time, a trend reversed, which has been borne by one and a half centuries, that by now the working days of people became increasingly short. And as well, for the first time since the sewings of the industrial revolution, the life working time is rising again. A teenager who is at the beginning of his professional life today becomes about 10.000 hours long at work be as his father or his mother. But that’s just the purely quantitative side of mobilization. Labor has also adopted another quality. People must now have more ranclots. Working has become harder, poet, more intense. Tyrannical – to say it with the term from my book. The introduction of Hartz IV plays a role here?
Ulrich Renz: Yes, of course. The Schroder reforms were in the core yes nothing but a price reduction for little qualified work. It is only logical that demand has risen and the low-wage sector has been influenced. With the result that many people can not live from their work anymore …
Ulrich Renz: Yes, our society has been manoved in a paradoxical and stamina situation: the economy has won strongly like a bodybuilder under anabolic steroids, but from his job to renew a family for a rough part of the workers became a utopia, which one at best still knows from the repayments of early days.

The former Governor of Massachusetts has already written down his state before the vote in November as lost

If you wanted, you could say: Mitt Romney is Massachusetts. In the Eastern Custolist State began his political career, here he was chosen in 2002 to the governor, temporarily with a support of 75 percent of the residents. Since four decades he and his family live in Massachusetts. And in Boston, the capital, Romney has opened his headquarters. From here he plans his next steps to the victory on the 6. November. On the support of the 6.5 million inhabitants of his home state and eleven to be forgiving votes, but he has not hoped for a long time.

Romney without home advantage and without chances for a victory?

From the video "Number One", with which the Obama campaign Romney attacks in its alleged economic competence

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