Poland admits the EM 2012 temporary controls of its limits to Germany and the Czech Republic. In Ukraine were legislation "Small rowdytum" decided

The Polish Government wants to expose the Schengen agreement to the Gentlemen Fubball European Championship of the Lords and make controls of EU internal borders for four weeks. An appropriate letter has now addressed the government in Warsaw to the EU Commission. Accordingly, the undergraded size monitoring is already started four days before the opening match: The mockage extends from 4. June to 1. July. Thus, Poland irritates the maximum duration of the corresponding special regulation in the Schengen agreement.

The NATO is also there at the EM-Effort game in Warsaw

National Stadium in Warsaw. Image: Mateusz Włodarczyk / CC BY-SA 3.0

The philosopher Peter Sloterdijk attests the Chancellor one "Responsible form of governance" and bring the missing again "Hardness" In the escape policy into the game

The philosopher Peter Sloterdijk has Angela Merkel for her short-sighted "We make it!" Attacked. Already in February he had prophecy, Merkel will back up and at the same time try her "Face". In addition to his significant words towards Chancellor ("There is no moral obligation to self-deservation") Peter Sloterdijk also goes to the court with the press, he threw the journalism last "Neglect" and "Tractable party" before (philosopher Sloterdijk praises border and nation state).

Now the rasonizer, which is referred to as left conservative, is also involved in the right and in the environment of the AFD, in an interview with the backless daily indicator one step further and explains: "Politicians are handling hard." He is now keen on distance to his former assistant and the AFD: "It is a fog how just the legal figures at the forefront of the AfD should give their compatriots lessons in old-dinner pride. Proud of what? In the lead of the party one notices not a few failed figures that have fled to the bailiff in the politician."

The French parliament agrees to a law on pravention "Syria or Irakheimer" to: Suspicious can be deprived of the passport and identity card

Schweissed Laws are the usual sequence of terrorism debates. Continently, in European countries, the attack danger of returners from Jihad in Syria and Iraq the debate on statutory measures that must be taken praventiv, as interior ministers demand for example in Germany and France. Existing laws are no longer sufficient in the current situation, claim that it must be improved.

The moment for these claims is favorable, as the public in the case of the "Wild hordes of is" (Peter Scholl-Latour), which have made headlines with their brutalitate headlines for weeks, no longer needs to be convinced that Boses are weaving, whose propagation one must prevent all necessary means.

Latvia: Black-grune government coalition loses a majority

Shares of households in the districts of Latvia, in which Russian is spoken. Map: Tubs and Xil (editing). License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Christian Democrats Stancen from 21.9 to 6.7 percent, grune from 19.5 to ten, established conservatives from 16.5 to 11.1

At Parliament in Latvia, the government coalition of Minister Prosident Māris Kucinskis has lost its mandate majority. The European Level to the Grunen Security Capital Zaļo Un Zemnieku Savienība (ZZS), which his Curonian regional party Liepājas Partija (LP) has lost 9.5 points only ten percent now. His coalition partner, the National Alliance (NA) sitting in the European Parliament in the Conservative ECR Group, was reduced by the Wahler by 5.4 points to 11.1 percent. The largest loss recorded the third ruling party, which (like the German CDU) to the Christian Democratic EPP parties obeded Vienotība ("unit"): They rushed by 15.2 points to a vote of 6.7 percent.

Drill for the location Germany

Theater about chancellery finding at Union and Grunen finished. A question remained unspoken: who most likely manages to harm the population and still be chosen? A comment

Now it is clear, Armin Laschet and Annalena Baerbock are trailing for the Federal Chancellery. Baerbock, which was nominated on Monday, congratulated lashing with many phrases over a fair election campaign. Now it is important to make the location of Germany strongly, she named the explanatory goal of all candidates. Baerbock spoke of environmental protection and digitization, ie the new elements of capitalist accumulation.

The borse moved the chancellor’s invention. Robert Halver, Capital Market Analyst at the Baader-Bank, gave in the Germany-Send sector at noon to understand that entrepreneurship might like a person in the Chancellery, which for a pleasant investment environment.

How a message contribution itself the propaganda is over

On the 28th. June 2016 showed the critical news magazine "fact" a contribution about the documentary "Ukrainian agony" of the German War Reporters Mark Bartalmai under the title "Propaganda in the sense of Russia". The order is clear, the viewer should be warned against the 100-minute film. Everything only Kremlin propaganda, which wants to prove author Tom Fugmann in his 6-mine contribution, with facts. The text is teeming by promising person and movie like "Self-appointed reporter", "fake stories", "absurd stories", The word propaganda alone is used in six minutes eight times.

The only concrete history, which is listed to the greeting of these premieges: Mark Bartalmai, who has been researching on-site with few interruptions in Eastern Ukraine since 2014, collecting footage and interviews, has once been impressed by a showcase of Russian television, which Fans turned as a lug. Under the impression of the first horror, he has given her to a short visit to Germany. In the article asked, however, he is unarmvatously admitted that the unaudited disclosure was a mistake. In his film, the March does not occur.

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