Find Nemo – the guard resolution in the animation film?

Divers know that: When you first get down in the fascinating world of other colors, unseen shapes and strange animals, you quickly lose the orientation. There is much to see. The termination is steady the own position. The feelings, no longer be tied to the ground, let's forgot and sometimes ensures a pleasant little intoxication. In short: let's start.

"Mine!": The Mowen of Pixar probably not of approximately figures from Nick Parks Aardman Studio

Interview with the future researcher Franz-Josef Radermacher

Mathematician and economist Franz Josef Radermacher is Professor of Databases and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Ulm. Among other things, he served with the organization, intelligence and consciousness of "Super organisms" – Anteads, robots, companies or humanity as a system. For quite some time he has also been planning for a worldwide Marshallplan.

Professor Radermacher – You have summarized the potential liking of the world to ideal types. You can describe it briefly?
Professor Radermacher: As a forward-looking researcher, I see three different possibilities or scenarios for the future: first, a collapse of okosystems, secondly a "brazilianization" at the expense of the living standards for the widest part of the people, also in the rich world, u. A. As a result of the resulting cost approaches to resource snapness and politically regulated continent events in important short resources, if alternative development phases are not credited in good time and thirdly an attractive, sustainability-compatible development, if it is possible to establish a suitable international order including user cross-financing mechanisms.

Venezuela wants through its own computer production the "Soveranity in the information" reach

Preservation is roughly written under Venezuelas Prasident Hugo Chavez. With its regional policy, he wants to reduce the influence of the US and Latin America "second independence" to lead. And when the oil reserves in the Orinoco belt were assumed in May in the control of the state, full-page newspaper advertisements wound the "ORDOLSOUVERANITAT". However, Venezuela wants to be in the technology. 2008 should "Venesat 1" Go into the orbit – the first Venezuelan news satellite. And for two years the production of own PCs and laptops has been running in Venezuela. This, so chavez, should the "Soveranity in the information" be achieved.

The project was started in April 2005. At that time, the Venezuelan Ministry of Science and Technologist developed the cornerstones for a mixed company with the Chinese company Langchao International. The aim is to produce qualitative but inexpensive PCs and laptops. In the first phase, the computers should be made only for the Venezuelan market, but later for export. Around 350 US dollars should be one "bolivarian" Computers such as Chavez ‘Venezuela Little Surprising Nickname, originally cost.

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