Monopolies and freedom of expression

Google in a moving GIF social media parody after the Damore-along

After the GoogleMo-case, Libertare and Conservatives are also worried about the power of gross company

In the past, Libertare and conservatives usually spoke against the regulation of companies. Often even when corporations became very rough and much power. Until recently, this attitude prevailed as well as companies like Google and Facebook. Then Google generated headlines worldwide with the one along James Damore – and since then, it has been increasing in these two stores thoughts that the boundaries between economic and political power can be as small as those between licenses and taxes.

Laboratory for the development and testing of police and military "Crowd Control": The double summit of G8 and G20 calls police, militar and private security services on the plan

Summit protests and international sporting events are laboratories for the development and testing of police and military "Crowd Control". After the Olympic Games, the G8 and G20 in June want to meet in Canada. The security measures for the double summit should be beating at least 131 million euros.

Two years before and therefore unusual Fruh, as a venue for the this-year G8 summit, the Canadian Government announced the Huntsville Golf Resort in the state of Ontario. After the so-called "financial crisis" and the resurgence of the "Group of twenty most important industrial and thresholders" (G20) Canada is also organizer of the semi-annual G20 meeting. For both peaks are bookings of around 50.000 hotel beds expect, including delegates, their "entourage" and journalists and service staff.

FDP: Against Transfer Union and upload filters, but for Macron?

Emmanuel Macron. Photo: EU2017EE. License: CC by 2.0

Deutsche Liberals have confirmed that they want to work together after the European elections with LREM in a new group

Last year, negotiations between representatives of Emmanuel Macron’s Party La Republique de Marche and political groupings in other countries suggested that the French head of state in the European Parliament wants to grow a new group. For speculation that he wants to swallow the previous Liberal Alde Group completely or roughly, representatives answered the German FDP rather evasively evaluated (cf. Macron plans new "antipopulist" Group in the European Parliament).

The American affecting paranoia

With Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, an inner enemy exploses to the electoral victory of Trump and to influence the helpless American Wahler, which is supposed to reflect the election victory of Trump

Suddenly Russia is displeased from the leading position and must give way to Facebook. The company Cambridge Analytica should have used data of 50 million users to win them with embassies tailored to their personal profile for Trump. "Psychographic Profiling" promises the company, so ultimately a concept for a successful, because individualized influence of people, what politicians, but also companies for their products liked.

According to Russia, the enemy of Auben, one has now also has an enemy out of the inside – where Donald Trump the enemy from the inside for a long time with the fake news media and the establishment in Washington or. Instrumentalized the deep state. In addition to the British company – the British had already played a restless role with the First of the Democrats Facted Dossier Uber Trump – now the powerful Facebook group. However, for profiling also used data from Twitter and bought additional information about television habits, air travel, purchasing behavior, church visits, bookers and magazine buying etc.

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