The US government wants to protect against the "New threats" The rocket defense sign derived from the Reagan-Time also took a lot of friendly and Allied Lander

The military security strategy of the US government is to be primarily on the new threat of terrorists and states that are hostile to the USA. They became weapons of mass destruction, which there was also early, do not understand as the last resource, but as an option and also use the US and their Allies when they are owned by appropriate far-reaching missiles. From this, the US government leads the need for praventive attack wars with a corresponding organizational and technical transformation of the troops, the integration of (smaller) nuclear weapons in the military options and the construction of a global missile defense.

A factsheet of "National Policy On Ballistic Missile Defense" Has the white house published a week ago. Moreover, the missile defense is treated in the Secret National Security Presidential Directive / NSPD-23, which, however, already on 16. December of US Prassident Bush has been signed. There, how the Washington Times reports, called some details that are missing in the public version. For example, North Korea – apparently not called Iraq – as the main threat, which is required to develop a comprehensive missile defense system and to install it soon soon. That was already before the 11.9. An expensive investment project favorite Kind the Bush Government that is followed by Reagan-Time. During the Clinton Prassidee, the project was more likely to come on the edge.

Stop in Berlin: on the wrong track?

Photo: Andreas Trojak / CC by 2.0

A commentary to the public political "Cause research" the attack on the Christmas market

"Anxiety" Tit the picture yesterday in wide coarse letters under the photo of the Berlin Christmas market with the destructed front of the "Terrorist" and two policemen in the foreground. "It was Islamist terror! And the nightmare goes on", The text starts.

Just Obama, who has received and adopted the Nobel Peace Prize, gets up more than any other US prasident "Targeted totters" In a concealed war

The war with remote drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia or in Yemen was under George W. Bush started, but he was known to be amused under the Nobel Peacetrags Barack Obama enormously. The use of armed drones means a new war carrying, which is usually not approached against fighting opponents, but inspirable militant, terrorists or other enemies secretly to be killed, from the ambush. Dafur becomes the concept of "Targeted totung" Used, which, of course, should legitimize only one murder attack. Is surprising that nowhere is the strategy of targeted totes or the murder attack with drones roughly discussed or questioned, although it has decisively changed the war.

If she "Targeted totations" According to international law and the USA is justified, is controversial. Mostly argues that in war areas, a targeted tottion of enemies, even if they are not in donated, is right to rather when it comes to danger. Last year, this attitude had also made its own German government. They are, so far from the Bundeswehr and the Foreign Ministry, it was legally legal when it comes to a non-international war, and for the ISAF troops in Afghanistan and in the "Rules of NATO" intended. Although the German government fondly guilty, whether it actively contributes to identifying and identifying people who are not to be arrested, but to be killed, but it is obvious that all ISAF states accept the use of killer drones, without Coarse to enter legal discussions (Federal Government wants to continue the sensitive topic of the "Targeted dead" reiterate).

Theater in Washington: transparent female wash for Trump

The Republican Chairman of the Intelligence Jump Now explains, there is no indications of intelligence services for contacts between the Trump team and the Kremlin

It comes from Trump’s first state-of-the-union speech as ordered, what it is likely. The intelligence agencies wash the prassident woman who is suspected to pact with the Russians and to have won the choice through their help. So far, the secret services were still against Trump and had participated in tipping his security consultant Flynn because of contacts with the Russian ambassador.

In the thriller in which the new prasident and billionar, worn by the new American rights, contributed to Washington, the mainstream media and the political class, which in turn contrary to the "depth state" led, the cards seem to turn to turn. Trump continues to bother the coarse media, wants to make the state small, but militarically and in terms of internal security stronger to convert the land to the impregnable fortress with a gross American wall. Now he has caught up with the blessing that he did not seek national security through any complicities with Moscow, which sought the Democrats to him and his team the Democrats in the Communist and Russianist Cold War Strategy of Communists and Russians.

Israel’s intelligence services only know little about the situation in Syria. Nevertheless, the Air Force has bombed destinations there – a dangerous action, warning critics

Analysts and employees of the Israeli security apparatus warn for a long time that the knowledge of the situation in the neighboring country Syria and the fighting groups existing there is a small amount. Nevertheless, Israel’s safety cabinet has ordered at least two aircraft at least two aircrafts (targeted military strangers on Syrian terrain) against goals in Syria – in a situation where a young, inexperienced government in Israel meets an incredibly complex, barely sophisticated situation in Syria. On an escalation, Israel’s lead was barely set in this situation. The reactions in the country itself are accordingly behavior.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a man who loves the strong pose: over and over again, since he has politics, he refers to his military past, and when then election campaign is, then he is considered the one to prevent the all-in-one Can break that between the Mediterranean and Jordan the Holle, Iran the bomb, Sudan his migrants, Syrian grenades, and Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other missiles, send to Israel. He also likes to see that he was the only politician who does not cheat on his campaign to the security of the state back shy, US Prassident Barack Obama, or the Turkish government or the Jordanian to offer the forehead.

While the US continues to focus on new sanctions, Iranian lead tries to make pressure and has jerking of China and Russia

While the US increased pressure to enforce Harper UN sanctions against Tehran because of the suspected Iranian nuclear weapon program, but do not really want to participate China and Russia, Iranian leadership is now trying to launch a state-of-the-art counterattack. In April, an international conference is to be organized in Tehran, which is committed to why the abruming of nuclear weapons does not progress.

Tehran, which has signed the nuclear detachment contract, is his right not only to use atomic energy peacefully, but also reciprocate uranium to having to have sufficiently enriched uranium for the focal steel. Always disputes Iranian lead, which she persecutes a secret nuclear weapon program, but always points out that only Israel has in the region of nuclear weapons and has not signed the nuclear weapon closure contract.

Suffer in East Ukraine "Per-Russian". Were it "Pro-Europe", Goods to give you the attention of German media

Since July, the pensioners in East Ukraine are waiting for their pensions from Kiev. Now the Ukrainian government has officially set payments. From 1. December will there be neither pensions nor social assistance from KIEV for people in the people controlled by up-controlled areas. Affected are 210.000 retirees including tens of thousands of severely disabled and veterans of the Second World War.

In the "Occupied areas" (So the Ukrainian language regulation) live four million people today. Many of them depend on social assistance, because the coarse part of the factories is silent. People have no income. People urgently need money to patch their spy bombs and missiles damaged houses.

The theatrical emport of the West on power policy acting Russia testifies to advanced dementia.

Putin criticism seems to develop for Chancellor Angela Merkel to a routinely true ritual. At the time of the daily newspaper World on Sunday, the Chancellor accused the Kremlin at the beginning of December again to hinder the EU's assumption of Eastern Europe to the EU and does not rescue them from violating the territorial integrity of these states. "We also see that Russia tries to create economic and political dependencies in some countries of the Western Balkan", warned Merkel.

The Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia had "from our own sovereign decision signed an association agreement with the EU. These three countries are causing Russia trouble", claimed Merkel opposite the "World on Sunday". According to Chancellor, in Europe, thinking should not create in influential geopolitical facts, but international law.

He should penetrate into the computer system of the Russian secret service

Yesterday was known by a Russian secret service of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets known that the US Embassy had commissioned a 20-year hacker in Moscow to break into a computer system of the FSB.

Unfortunately, the Russian hacker who appeared under the pseudonym verse reported the request for one "sleepless" Night the Russian secret service. Verse had turned to William Smith, a retired pilot of the US Air Force, over the Internet and then have been recruited from two officers of the US Embassy security service and two FBI agents.

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