Netherlands sued to extensive environmental protection maps

Coal power plant Maasvlakte (E.ON), Rotterdam. Image: Zandcee / CC BY-SA-3.0

Also the appellate court forces the state "Real threat through dangerous climate change" to trade

If the (leading) rescue of the Hambach Forsts or the first judicially demanded diesel bans were a rule of law in terms of environmental protection, then an earthquake occurred in The Hague: the appeal against the judgment of 24. June 2015, the Court now once again ordered the Dutch government to reduce CO2 emissions by the end of 2020 by 25%. Otherwise, the state treasury threatens sensitive observations.

For the third time this year, a sacular blogger was murdered on open strain from muted

In Bangladesh, the Islamists are stronger. Already at the end of last year, in a protest organized by Hefajat-E-Islam around the 100.000 applied Islamic fundamentalists by the capital Dhaka to demand a hard action against blasphemy. Who insults the Islam or the prophets, so the claim should be punished with the death penalty. In particular, the government was invited to dozens of "Atheistic bloggers" tack. In February 2013, the Blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider had been killed with a machete, before the demonstration had already been arrested four bloggers. They were accused of hurt religious hurt (Bangladesh: Islamists against blogger).

Image: Imran Sarker

Judgment against Julian Assange with 'bitter tissue'

Not recognized as a journalist: Wikileaks-Grunder Julian Assange

Media organizations in Germany rule behavior to the London’s decision in the delivery process against the Wikileaks-Grunder

Journalist organizations in Germany have taken the British judgment in the delivery procedure against the land of the trial platform Wikileaks, Julian Assange, behavior. While she buried the prevented delivery of the journalist to the United States came from this site criticism in view of the refusal of British Justice to recognize Assange as a journalist. On this point, the court was essentially followed by the US position.

The Russian EMP cannon should have a range of up to 10 km

In 2017, Kim Jong-UN attended a new hydrogen bomb demonstratively praising, which could be sawed in coarse high for an EMP attack. Image: rodong sinmun

In many countries are worked on EMP weapons, which can be targeted or coarse-flat the untreated electronics of the opponent can be destroyed, unmanned combination aircraft should be equipped with the Russian cannon

In the United States, the fear was revealed as the conflict with North Korea escalated that a North Korean atomic bomb, which was serrated in gross high over the territory of the US, the electrical and electronic infrastructure of wide parts of the country could paralyze through an electromagnetic impulse (EMP) Warning in front of a North Korean EMP attack on the USA). Especially for a strongly digitized society goods such a nuclear EMP attack (NEMP) devastating. The US have tested the consequences of a nuclear bomb explosion in gross high in 1962 with Starfish Prime and the congress has set up an EMP commission. She had recently warned in 2019 in front of an EMP attack (EMP attack: "A threat for the US, democracy and the world order"To).

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