Michael Meyen. Image: Ekkehard Winkler

The Institute of Communication Science and Media Research (ifkw) also falls in the jerking to the said critical researcher. Is that the free spirit of the academic field? A solid stucco critical journalism?

In the article "A blog of the displeasure", Write SZ editor Sebastian Krass Uber Michael Meyen, Professor at the Institute for Communication Science and Media Research (IFWW) in Munchen. The article that is intended for foreground as a memorable contribution has it in itself. It is a kind of indictment in message form. Meyen, this is already clear from crossing and preload, is in the visor of the Suddeutsche Zeitung advised.

Two weeks after the publication of the video game, the Bioshock-Fangemeinde itself answers the question:"How worried are we really?"

76 percent of the players save the children in the first game run, 22 percent dead them, and 2 percent printer before deciding: this gave a survey under Bioshock fans in a game form in the past week. Thoughtful players, however, are how profoundly the "moral dilemma" The game is actually.

First and foremost, Bioshock is an ego shooter that animates too rather immorally-acting behavior: you can put your opponent on fire to fire heat-seeking rockets on them, you can electrocuture, beeswarm over them or die from drug poisoning. But to obtain such skills, one requires a substance called Adam, which is tapped by gene-manipulated and mentally enslaved small madchen from around lying bodies.

Illegal was probably only the procedure of the Spanish police

Of the "Grossed blow against piracy in Europe", As the Spanish police referred to him after the confiscation of half a million recordable data carrier and 950 burners, develops into the water for the coarse punch. After the arrested, even the data carrier had to be released again. Illegal was probably only the procedure of the Spanish police.

It was the 30. June, when the Spanish police arrested on raids in Barcelona, Badalona and Esplugas del Llobregat 14 leaders of different companies. At the action, 950 professional burners and half a million empty DVDs and CDs were confiscated. The arrested were accused of having supplied specialized bands with blanks and industrial DVD and CD burners that disclosed illegally copied music CDs and videos. The police knocked himself on the shoulder and called the action as "Roughed blow against piracy in Europe".

Jews, immigrants or national minorities in German television – this is still the corridor by a minefield, on which the explosives of the Political Correctness commonly meet the meetings that are particularly good

The Alevites in Germany have now asked in Berlin criminal charges for referendum. They want to protest against the crime location whom honor was protested, which was broadcast last Sunday in the ARD. Ali Ertan Toprak, the General Secretar of the Alevitische community Germany, said the grid, the plot repeat "Exactly the prejudices with which the Alevites has been persecuted for centuries and are still discriminated against today".

Main Commissioner Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwangler) determined in the "Turkish" Milieu: The German Turkin Afife (SERSEDE TERZYAN) is received by her husband (Hakan CAN). What does the viewer think of a dead in the thriller and more than a headscarf? Right: Honor. You know that from the Muslims in general and the Turken in particular.

It bubbles, it braves it, it is raunt in the net

Do not run so well on the net, especially since Corona. Image: Stefan Ruegger / Sajv, CC by 2.0

The telepolis-weekly print view with outlook

Dear readers,

From the Telepolis Forum StringStacks to the main negotiation

Karl Kraus rotated with Wutwernderper torch in the tomb, Peter Panther scratches against the marveled coffin cover and also in the tomb of Alfred Polgar is to hear low whimers. How could it come up?

Harald Neuber reported in Telepolis on the unclamated massacre in Masar-I-Sharif (the massacre, which must not be), which is still violent, unanswered inquiries of the world ability (prompted against US Army further unprinted). Commented in the forum "Engine_of_Aggression", That it has taken the right ones: "Why should massacre are always aligned only to the good and the bodycount of the scum comes under the bottom line!"

Criminal officer courages about media reporting – investigations of the Dusseldorf prosecutor’s aforementioned evidence of prey of the act

With the indication that "Policemen and criminalists" The circulating explanations for the Airbus crash (4U9525: psychosomatic visual problems?, Flight 4U9525: Co-pilot had "The intention to destroy the plane") With much more question marks as journalists encounter, which often play as a detective with prefatuted opinions and judgments, Andy Neumann, chairman of the Federal Criminal Officer, said Emport to the editor-in-chief of the image-newspaper.

In an email he published on his Facebook account, he explained that professionals see the fall in the uncojective: "In threefold! At least! So long until facts lie on the table, which do not make any other perception, no other possibility more potential."

Grim violence, sick horror and incomprehensible graphics

The hardliners of ID leave after seven years "Rage" a true monster on the gaming community go

These Texans have staged the development of the First Person Shooter like no other company. Since the invention of the genre in 1992 "Wolfenstein" was steadily worked on the in-house graphics engine and presented each new version with a game programmed by its own team. "Dome", "Quake", "Quake 2" and "Doom 3" can be considered as a pioneer of a new generation of computer and console games.

For now, the games of the innovators of ID but also for their special design were praised. Obviously, the game designers around John Carmack see their very own order to realize potentially trusting holly visions through which the player fights when he is not stretched by a styled shock effects from the chair, the ID with film-rapture Prazsion lies down to him.

About the mass recognition of political asylum

1993 was the Iraqi State Burger M. Fled to Germany and received after some time also the requested asylum. Thirteen years later he got from the Federal Office for Migration and Flights Post. It was confused in it, his asylum status would now be revoked. With the fall of the SADDAM regime, the then asylum reason has become logged up.

"If there is hardly any more, then we can also get the sinks that are here."This harsh maxim seems to determine the actions of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Office connected to him for migration and escape, when it comes to the recording of escape strings, respectively about the outward of uninvited guests.

Netanyahu: Wall around Israel as 'Protection in front of the wild animals'

Fence on the Israeli-Egyptian border. Image: Idobi / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Gated Nation: Israel wants to be completely surrounded by fences and walls

Israel is a pioneer for the idea of gated nations, so for the construction of walls or fencing possible around the whole country. Hundreds of kilometers were already aced. Pioneer was Israel for the probably highest wall with up to 8 m and high-tech fence with cameras, radar, motion sensors, but also with remote controllable machine guns and autonomous control vehicles (Israel masched).

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