New Hassrades of the Iranian President

The Iranian place Sahedan is not a pleasant place for transit travelers. The city is located in the Weste Beliblistan, about 60 to 80 kilometers from the borders to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The population is very poor, smuggling traditionally an important source of revenue and armed manners who stand around with duster mienen on open fires, a usual sight. The few westerners who cared there will prefer to stay at the hotel and wait there on the next bus. The Iranian Prasident Ahmadinejad now has chosen this place to bring back to his brandy (cf). Iran’s misrepresentation: The Holocaust is a myth, he said there in a speech that was transferred nationwide in Iranian television.

At his first speech, which provided for international surveying and shock, the Iranian Prassident wanted to erase Israel from the map (cf. The chain dog), with his second speech, Israel should be relocated to Bavaria, in his speech he paid again Europe, but also the US, Canada or even Alaska as alternative laying options and spoke explicitly this time, which he first indirectly But clear enough to understand – the denial of the Holocaust:

Microsoft wants to democratize the quantum computer

Image: Microsoft

The aim is a quantum computer that can also use scientists without knowledge of quantum physics

Microsoft flakes its commitment to build a quantum computer. "We are at a turning point", Says Todd Holmdahl. The time had come from research on development, the official Microsoft blog quotes the head of Microsoft’s Quantum Computer Team. The Software Chiefs from Redmond (US state Washington) is thus going to Google, IBM and Intel, who also try to "scalable", So expandable quantum computers to build.

The British Prime Minister Cameron resists receivables for a strong military use in Iraq

Great Britain wants to support Kurdish units in the fight against the IS militia by adding the Royal Air Force from Eastern European countries, which gives Fruhe to the Warsaw Pact, "Supplies weapons and ammunition that come from times of the Soviet Union", Cit the Guardian an envision of the British Prime Minister Cameron. Which Eastern European countries are accurate, will not be mentioned. Is only given to that "The Kurds have not requested British weapons".

"You want ammunition and weapons you already use", So Cameron’s words, "This is delivered and the Great Britain plays a role in ensuring this". Noteworthy is the statement of the Son of the Prasident of the Autonomous Region Kurdistan in Iraq, Masrur Barzani, Chief of the Security Council and the Intelligence Service, which the BBC is suppurely, that his dispute-required modern and heavy weapons needed so that they could take it with the armament the possession of the Islamic state has been recently.

For the news feed, new selection principles are introduced, the user should only see what he supposedly wants – and stay on Facebook

It is said that many people are increasingly informing about the securities of the world from social networks with the help of users. While news are still produced by agencies and media, but access to them takes place via social networks and search engines, which also set the trends. You read, if it comes to an indication of an article, allegedly less and less the linked post, but begs with subordinates and info-Happchen. The information packages tied by media decompose to break pieces that would be classified in the feed next to all the possible other information, pictures, videos and personal expressions.

What people know about the world, so they know increasingly about Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Co. How the feeds and rankings are constructed, which algorithms here like selecting how people intervene in the river, coarse and whole the secret of Google, Facebook and Co. In the heart of the online public there are as dark machines, which determine the happen on the surface after self-set rules. The problem is the outgoing possibility of influencing by a few coarse companies, which still has increased the prevailing media concentration anyway.

The sociologist Andreas Kemper about classism and the everyday liability of discrimination and exclusion

In times, in which the feminist Judith Butler the "Civil Courage Price" Looking at Christopher Street Days, as they identified clear racisms in the organizers against homophobia to fight for the fighting, which they do not even want to distance themselves, during almost simultaneously a SPD member poor attested, they are poor because they are "Congenital nonsense" suffered, in times, in which discriminated self more and more discriminating and the so-called "Group-specific misalignment" adopts new forms and previously unimagined discharge, the need for a social debate on the multi-dimensionality of discrimination on one, as well as the stigmatization in particular of poor, whose misery is increasingly explained as self-response, on the other side. One who tries both is the author and sociologist Andreas Kemper, with which Telepolis talked about his concept of classism.

You are one of the authors of the book "Classism" and now has a blog for some time now. What do you have to introduce under classism?
Andreas Kemper: At the beginning of the 1970s, a lesbian group pointed out in New York that it was not just racism and sexism, but that as a workers' daughter, she also experienced specific disadvantages. They called this disadvantage and depreciation "Classism" – just like the concept originated in this time "sexism" Is it a parallel formation about racism. From the beginning, classism was set in relation to the other forms of discrimination and took its starting point in personal everyday experience. For example, Coletta Reid described by the lesbian collective "The Furies" In a very impressive anecdote in the book "Class and feminism", The fact that her family was not served in a shoe business: as poor rural dwellers they were simply ignored. Although the store was empty, the sellers simply did not interrupt their Smalltalk. After a while, the family finally in silence and humiliates the store. These new German-related experiences are reminiscent of the everyday racial experiences that make blacks again and again. Means classism so social exclusion?
Andreas Kemper: Classism is a vacuum. And exclusion is only a point of the vacuum. Iris Marion Young describes five dimensions of classism: exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism and violence. Just like black racism and women suffering from sexism, people of the so-called "lower" Classes in a specific way exploited, marginalized, discomoted, their culture is despised and they learn violence. This complete complex is so to speak classism. Can you please, please export these 5 dimensions? What my exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism and violence exemplary – and who do I have to do here "victim" to introduce classism?
Andreas Kemper: Exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness and violence probably explains itself. Under "cultural imperialism" different things can be understood. Thus, the lower layers are still stylized as a culturless, yes even as "undermastic", which is not far away from "subhuman", but at the same time the culture is assimilated from the lower layers. In the music, for example, the hip-hop or music of workers' children like Elvis Presley, George Harrison, John Lennon, Inga Hull, Udo Lindenberg. However, the cultural aspect goes beyond that: the entire education system is based on burial ideals and values. It is still not conveyed that workers and slaves "Siebenorige Thebes" (Brecht) built, and so-called "Gatewaiter" Make sure that predominantly abscommers from benevolated parental homes make career. For example, in that no longer teachers referrals, but have been able to attend students themselves at tests, the proportion of the corresponding scholarship holders and scholarship holders in the Foundation of the German people increased from 5 to 25 percent. Or write-ups. Arms be lazy and got too many children, it is called. That's just not true. Living by Hartz IV, even according to Wolfgang Clement as parasitism, control tricks, however, as a sign of alertness and intelligence. In some of the Berlin's bows, the people sits with the people because they have driven without a ticket, but I have never been given that any of the fled millions of the last control affairs has been encouraged.

Principles for responsible reporting for severe violence

Sunglasses, black clothes holding pistol with outstretched arm into the camera: like a hero from the movie "matrix", So the 18-year Sebastian was pictured in the press annually. On 20. November 2006 he had shot in his former school in Emsdetten around himself and smoke bombs. Funf people were hurt by shot, 32 more suffered shock figure or smoke poisoning. Then the boy died himself.

Apart from the direct consequences of this act for school community, belongings and tatter, there has been numerous reimbursements and footboard drivers throughout Germany since then. Phanomenene, who have been known to schools nationally and internationally after severe violence at schools.

How are you with the death flyer?

Image: Jeff Hitchcock / CC BY-2.0

Boeing has been producing the 737 max on Halde since Marz, now the manufacturer bends the realitate – and sets the production first

After two machines of the crisis flyer Boeing Max 8 were listed (Telepolis reported), were the Jet since the year of breakfast 2019 international airbags. 346 people had lost their lives with the crashs within a few months. Then there were doubts about the seriositat of the new edition of the plane, also the role of the American supervisory heretic FAA was critically discussed worldwide.

Peter Scholl-Latour over the changes in the Middle East, which have resulted from the onset of ISIS

Mr. Scholl-Latour, they have traveled all the Lander in the world, of which many regularly. When were you for the first time in Iraq?
Peter Scholl-Latour: That was in 1951, then was still Konig Faisal and was the Iraq another monarchy. I’ve always traveled the Iraq over the last few years and decades again and again, have experienced the country under Saddam and even after the Americans invasion. Believe that in the face of the youngest development, the existence of Iraq is already past in his previous territorial integration?
Peter Scholl-Latour: Yes, that’s over. In the region, the boundaries were drawn from the colonial yields. Iraq, in today’s boundaries, was invented by the British Agent Gertrude Bell. The division of Iraq is practically as good as completed. There we have Kurdistan in the north, whose independence is trimmed by the enormous OL resources, flanked by the Peschmerga, as an army. In addition to Iraq under Guide Al-Malikis, as well as the West Iraq, where the ISIS troops prevail. The terror group ISIS or. Isil plans to build an Islamic Sunni God in Iraq and Syria. Will ISIS achieve this goal?
Peter Scholl-Latour: This structure already exists, over the Syrian-Iraqi border. Attractions of Isis is Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi, which the Americans have appointed the most dangerous man in the world. It is indeed for an eerie man who has brought a connection to the scope of his control, which extends from Syria in the Euphrat to the West and north of Iraq. What are the causes, for the strong and the military impact of ISIS?
Peter Scholl-Latour: Isis benefited from foreign support in the Syrian burger war against Assad. The Turks and the West have committed the mistake to fully support the trafficers in Syria. Americans had the goal of protecting the relatively liberal free Syrian army without considering that the Islamist force, consisting of bugged jihadists, who were already active in Afghanistan and Chechnya, the free army were stealed the weapons. This is now in Mol to watch, where weapons delivered by the USA to the Iraqi government army now fell the Jihadist in the hands. Where are the camphor of the Isis?
Peter Scholl-Latour: Al Baghdadi has about 15.000 Isis camphor, but are only the fewest from Iraq or Syria. Rather, it is about immigrant jihadists from the Caucasus, coarse part Chechens, from Egypt, Pakistan and many other countries of the Arab world. Also from Saudi Arabia, the narrow composites of the West, which demanded many of these radical groups and has prevented several times that more moderate forms of Islam come to. Who is the ISIS funded by?
Peter Scholl-Latour: Among the Gulf Emirates, which are considered in the West as a bonded opposite to Iran. In addition, the terrorists are trained in the money procurement, by surfalling, plunners and developing, for example. Already in 2011, they warned in an interview that the Burger War in Syria also overflows on Iraq. They are confirmed?
Peter Scholl-Latour: Unfortunately, yes. In my recent visits in Baghdad, I could find what had a hatred of the Shiites and Sunnis. Baghdad was there as protection before leaning in the enemy Sunnitan and Shiite neighborhoods, as well as the sacred equips of the Shiites. It is a shiite-Sunni burger war, which is now raging from Lebanon to Iraq.

Iran is, measured by its environment, one of the most states of the region

Is the Iran so far the winner of the current development?
Peter Scholl-Latour: Iran is certainly the winner, because we are now experiencing a consultation between Americans and Iranians, a kind of interest solidarity. The new Iranian Prasident Rohani has made it clear that he can not accept a fundamentalist Sunnit state of ISIS. Especially since the shiites in Iraq make the majority. In addition, the ISIS has begotten to conquer the city of Kerbela. So the holiest city of the Shiites overhead. That will prevent Iran. Even if it is notified militarically, which is also in the interest of the Americans. Turkey is probably more likely to consider as a loser of development?
Peter Scholl-Latour: Erdogan had committed a rough mistake when he was so unilateral into the turmoil of the Arab conflicts, flanked by old caliphat dreams. Turkey is now in a complicated situation, as the boundaries to Syria and Iraq are completely open, which is used not only by escape strings, but also by terrorists. For liberation of the Turkish hostages in Mol, Ankara must access the Kurdish Peschmerga camphor. If the Turkey himself became militarically, it became conflicts with the Kurds, both in North Iraq, as well as in North Syria, where the Kurds have also ran away from Damascus. What do you think of Al-Maliki? He will withstand the ISIS troops?
Peter Scholl-Latour: That will certainly not be easy. Maliki took off the mistake, the Sunni minority, which prevailed at times Saddam Hussein, to dismiss. This is about 20% of the population. However, a coarse part of the Iraqi Sunni would have nothing to do with the terrorists of Isis together, which could possibly give a support for Maliki. However, it is a mistake, Al-Maliki now blaming for the development, as in the west hopfish, especially in the US, probably to relieve themselves . Who should also step in Baghdad to the place of Maliki?

The variety of black punches

In the core of spiral galaxy NGC 1097, researchers suspect a 100 million sun masses heavy black hole. Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech

New research results reveal how black punches can differ in a coarse and creation process

A black hole actually had to be a very simple astronomical object: a simpler chunk of matter in the universe, which is not eliminated by its huge mass no Fitzelchen information of his attraction. The concept was created when the cosmologist thoughts about the offenses of stars. What happens when a giant sun collapses?

According to the supreme Stockholm agricultural workers, meat is to be taxed EU-wide after its alleged proportion of educational heat

Although the opportunities for DAFUR are poorly due to the expected development of the thresholders, climate change in Europe does not want to encounter structural measures or the construction of securitization funds, but by reducing the CO2 outskirts. The Supreme Swedish agricultural workers Jordbruksverket calls for this in your report "En Hållbar Kott Consumption" (translated: "A sustainable meat consumption") An EU-wide tax on meat whose high will be calculated thereafter, how much the world’s warming is intimidated in production. This should reduce demand for climate-defined meat and increase the alternatives.

Beermisch had to be taxed at the highest, because its animal suppliers not only expelled CO2, but also the even more than 20 times atmosphere-permanent methane in coarse amount. Beef is therefore considered significantly climate-friendly as a pork. However, it is very strong on how the cattle is held before slaughter – and here are okologically held animals in the previous calculations as much worse than this "Meat factories". The reason is, among other things, that they are not held in tight trays, but freely walking around and claiming pastureland that is potentially missing for heavily co2-binding vegetation as forest.

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