The exoplanet, which resembles the gas giant of our solar system, could also contain water – and maybe have a moon?

The discovery of the exoplanet Corot-9b with the Harps spectrograph of the ESO and the Corot satellite was celebrated as a breakthrough. Claire Moutou, member of the internationally occupied team from 60 astronomers discovered the planet, swarmed that this planet "Play a similar role like the stone of Rosetta for the Agyptology" play.

Artistic representation of the exoplanets passing past his sun. Image: ESO / L. Calcada

Symbol image: Jens Neumann on Pixabay / Public Domain

The home program of the Legal Party is Marktradikal. It is no longer elected she is not hoping for better times, but with it to others worse

At the AFD federal party day this weekend in Dresden, there was little dispute over a political field – the housing and rent policy. Since the AFD is part of the owners block, as in the current Gerd Wiegel in an online discussion event of the education association bright Panke summarized.

An American gynacologist means an anatomical construct to have identified, after the researcher has been looking for three decades: the female G-point

The Gluck is located 16.5 millimeters from the upper part of the urinary tube output. It is located in a sacking structure whose frames of erectile tissue faces and whose surface shows blue irregularities that show out of the inner transducer. It has the shape of a grape and is about eight millimeters long, up to almost four millimeters wide and only 0.4 millimeters high. Three parts can be distinguished significantly: a kind of head of 3.4 times 3.6 millimeters, a 3.1 x 3.3 millimeter central middle part and a tail, which is 3.3 times 3.0 millimeters roughly. From its end, a rope-like blood vision extends, which disappears in the surrounding tissue.

What the Polish-stem gynacologist Adam Ostrzenski identified Warsaw in the forensic department of the Medical University of Warsaw and in a paper in "Journal of Sexual Medicine" has described, a at least 30 years old ratsel is unlimited: there is a particularly erogenous zone in the vagina, where is it exactly, and what about it?

Terrorism stagnation should legitimize storage of connection data

In the European Parliament, a dispute over the EU privacy policy has broken out: it is about whether connection data must be kept or led to. Connection data do not provide information about the content of communication, but about who communicated with whom with whom, so that u.A. Profiles of contact networks can also be created in pressure effect. Beneforts believe that the storage of the connection data can better track various forms of cybercriminalitat better. The dispute was ended today in the sense of data protection, but against the will of the Council.

The Council of the European Union had under the sign of terrorist attack in the USA for looser provisions in the Directive "About the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in electronic communication" (PDF file) used.

In short, three studies have been published, which can hardly be united

The situation is confused, the inaccuracy in many aspects of climate research still high. While the one climate researcher says that in the last 100 years the increasing CO2 emissions by the growing reception of Okosystems as a lowering to a nearly constant concentration in the atmosphere (but no problem with climate heat?), now reports other scientists that the recording capacity seems to decline. This was meant that climate heat accelerates because CO2 emissions in the atmosphere enrich.

The CO2 recording of the seas and terrestrial biosystems decreases?

Increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Image: Nature / Corinne Le Quere et al.

How to operate a US mining company with unrestrained ambitions in Indonesia – Part 2

The effects of the mountain activities of Freeport and Rio Tinto are obvious: the crater at the Grasberg and the waste deposits in the river runs are self-recognizable (Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc. – Part 1). And not only: For years, the mine operators have regard to the use of the services of Indonesian army and police units as well as the way of dealing with indigenous population groups in criticism. But it stimulates resistance.

Freeport: 'Working Towards Sustainable Development'?

Satellite picture of the Grasberg mine. Photo: NASA

The militar strike splits the EU

Aufeister Heiko Maas can not make German position at EU level. The "Role", Otherwise, the Germany likes to claim in Europe, is no longer recognizable. Image: EU

The Foreign Ministers reject it in a Krisendeffen in Luxembourg to fuel the use in Syria. You want to avoid escalation and one "Diplomatic solution" Looking for

EU Council’s President Donald Tusk reported first to speak. The EU is closed behind the western militar farming in Syria, the Liberal Polish politician went to Saturday morning in Brussel.

Now Germany will be delivered again with election posters

Photo: Christoph Jehle

Funf weeks before the federal election, they hung again land up, landab and adjust the view of the landscape

For two weeks in Germany the poster election campaign for the general election in September. In the country, he also sets up this year mainly to the automotiveists. Before circular agents or on striving crossings, you want to get attention and steer more or less strongly from traffic events. Who is not traveling by car or with the regional bus, will only see little of the four-color poster webs. Cyclists are now mostly getting the politician portraits to face the lantern pylons storm and rain. In the lantern pastries, there are federal tags the restriction that a party may only occupy each second lantern.

German Islamists and Mohamed Merah

For the one Mohamed Merah is a cold-blooded morder, for the others an Islamist warrior, hero and now Martyr. German Islamists are not agreeing in their opinion about Toulouse’s assassination, as Internet entries show.

Fitna – This is the Arab term that describes a heavy time full of chaos, exams and challenges for the Muslim community. Fitna, that also means between between and dispute to the cleavage of the community. In the past centuries, these disputes have led to the cleavage of sects and the emergence of instrocious denominations within the Muslim Community.

Still rising energy prices and a more accurate okosystem clarifies the need for efficient alternatives to fossil fuels

Every year the "Energy hunger" the global evolution of immensely and demand for sufficient and secure energy supply is steadily increasing. The far large proportion of energy production is based today on the burning of fossil energy carrier coal, mineralol and gas. The uncertainties of the productive energy supply due to the increasing shortage of the fossil preference, thus the rising danger of humans and the environment through the combustion products, the worry of a secured future.

Due to the use of modern technology, while efficiencies and environmental contracts can be increased and thereby reduces emissions, they can be prevented completely so they can not be prevented. Climate change and concern for global world warming plays an increasingly important role in addition to security of supply.

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