Faceless and distanced people

Social distancing, reduction of contacts and wearing the mouth nose masks have effects that are only realistic in realistic when some central properties of humans are sufficiently considered – Part 1

I. A superleading pandemic

"Imagine, there is a disease, which always occurs in this country and causing chronic pain – a contagious, medical science, which is hardly explored by medical science, which spreads faster than the immuneity can be built against them, and that as a one the common causes of death in the civilized western world is classified. A disease that emerges the advent of other suffering, from wiring about depression and dementia to heart attacks, strokes and cancer. This disease would therefore provide a significant risk factor for other frequent and deadly diseases. At the same time they were Tuckisch, because many people did not know that they suffer from their."

In view of the current situation, each reader should give the answer to his whole attention to the neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer: "This disease is actually. Your name: Loneliness."

Food in front of the mirror, small and swone plates, gifts and other tricks

Image: LPPA / CC-BY-SA-3.0

A new scientific journal gives recommendations due to studies, how to eat less and yet be satisfied

In some circles, food has become a dominant theme of lifestyle and worrying about themselves. It must be natural "healthy", be a good-looking and favorable and should not go first and foremost sorting, but above all not thick. Be discussed violently, like Low Carb best, whether one should eat vegetarian or vegan, as it looks with the sugar content and additives, whether it should be lactose and gluten-free.

Handling against escapeons

Lageso Berlin, 8. October 2015: Flights have joined the Rontgenmobil to seek protection against continuous rain. Photo: P. Late

"Politically persecuted enjoy asylum law", it is called in Article 16a of the Basic Law. But instead of helping people in need to help, politicians throw verbal fire issues

Every escape that has reached Berlin has to register at the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lageso). Only with this registration enabled people receive a place to stay and meals. As far as the theory, the practice is terrible:

And at this time he can still make some political decisions that could make life difficult for the new prasident

The last few weeks and months have unexpectedly shifted the political orientations of the US burger – and probably very at the bottom of McCain. According to a survey of CNN among burgers who have already chosen, 62 percent said that for the economy is the most important topic. Iraq is only 10 percent at the top, terrorism for 9 percent. This makes McCain and the Republicans just cross the topics of their law-and-order policy that have born Bush and McCain. The fear of virtual terror in the US is the fear of the economic crisis that is much closer. With the fear of Osama, Taliban and Iran, the election is not to be attracted, and thus not with further monitoring and more police state in the US.

If the new Prasident of the United States will be chosen, he is far from power. The US has not only strange registration procedures for voters and ailing old and new election systems that would like to make problems and not completely trust. There is also an obsolete electoral system still from pre-modern times of the Wild West. That’s why it will take 77 days until the choice of the new prasident comes to the Office. But that also means that the old Prasident, George W. Bush, still 77 days time has to make his successor difficult to make life or quickly to use some stakeholders.

The European Court of Justice Tilts the Upper Austrian Gentech attachment ban

For years, the state of Oberosterreich for a genetic engineering prohibition law had evaporated and had gone through all instances at the European Court of Justice. Last week, this in favor of the EU Commission, who did not want to cheaper a general ban on genetically modified plants. The numerous genetic engineering-free regions of Europe pursued the sample process very attentive, especially since they have no legal certainty. The verdict was therefore not only accepted in Austria. The saying is generally showing the EU legal system that has previously received little on unostated coexist questions. For critics, the ECJ saying of a "forced contamination" of the environment and agriculture is provided with GMO feed.

"To protect organic farming as well as traditional agricultural plant and animal production from impurities (crossrows) by GMOs," the. Provincial government of Oberosterreich (OO) the Genetic Engineering Prohibition Act 2002. The oo. GTVG 2002 is a state law, with which the cultivation of genetically changed seed and seeds as well as the use of transgenic animals for purposes of breeding and the release of transgenic animals is prohibited in particular for purposes of hunting and fisheries. The draft was reported to the European Commission, but by this. The Oberosterreicher turned to the European Court of Justice ECJ. A year-long litigation began, the on the 13th. September now finally against the Upper Austrians, which were also supported by the Republic of Austria, decided.

2-3 million credans will decide to go to the Hajj, for the pilgrimage to Mecca, and thus may spreader the swine flu worldwide

Actually, it is called in the instructions on how to prevent the flu, always like to avoid mass events and close contact with other people. At the beginning of the second wave of the new flu in the north hemisphare, the Hajj takes place from the end of November, the pilgrimage to Mecca, which every Muslim should have made at least once in his life.

At least 2 million, possibly up to 3 million people, like every year, will open 160 countries to Saudi Arabia, then close the Kaaba to circle to circle and find the rocks of Aqaba and the 3 stone rocks with stones. For a coarse experiment with the pandemic are the good conditions. Although the people will be infected on site, but then, a flu wave over the pilgrims should come in, spread worldwide.

COVID-19: Shopping window for retirees - but not in German supermarkets

Symbol image: Paul Townsend. License: CC BY-SA 2.0

In the Federal Republic, there are only a few special efforts to protect particularly hazardous groups compared to other countries

The risk of dying on a COVID 19 disease is very high among ages and persons with pre-conditions than among the younger and healthy, where the symptoms are often only mild or moderate. Therefore, the risk of entering the seniors with a purchase (see. Coronavirus: "Prevention of an unfortunate space density of people"), much higher than that of millennials, which often behave according to carefree. Even when shopping.

This force wants to prevent a new catch in Chile

"Ciao, catching from 1980" – Demonstrator in Chile (Source: Frentefotographico)

After the vote for a new constitution in the Sud American country, opponents form a democratization in Germany and abroad

In Chile, on Sunday, a clear majority of the population for a reform of the emergence from the time of military engineer under General Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) has pronounced. Upon payment of 94 percent of the votes, the commutations of a segregation of 78 percent were 78 percent. In total, 14.8 million burgers and burgers of the Sud American country were called upon to participate in the referendum.

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