Our Irrum was to reject the people who have earned money with the internet

Anyone who has persecuted a bit what I wrote will know that I reject how the commerce has taken the internet. Since 1994, when the communication infrastructure of international research has been officially opened for companies, I have observed what has appeared to me as the decline of the content, the Spirit and the task of the interactive space. Good, but now I hore on the lawsuit.

Do not worry, I’m still so anticipated as any other too. If it matters, I am so anticipated that it does not store me, the companies as well as they believe to do with us. You want to take so much as much as possible, why should it be so bad if we can take what we can get from you? So why to print it differently, we do not let our Internet build from the coarse corporations?

Exploitation from India to Germany

Exploitation and environmental destruction often go hand in hand, also in Dhaka Bangladesh. Photo: Marco Doringer

A study by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation comes to the conclusion that the tea pickers are being exploited in Darjeeling, India. The fact that the person who does the actual work is exploited is also part of the system in Germany

The Nepalese tea-growing region of Ilam is 60 kilometers west of Darjeeling. Below the bazaar town of Phikkal, the members of the Kulung family pick around 2.500 kilos of tea leaves per year, which they roll and dry themselves. Because they pay attention to quality and only the first two sheets and the so-called "Tip" pick, tea connoisseurs now pay 80 dollars per kilo.

The fear of the Minister of Finance in front of the debt trillion

Seat of the Bank Popular in Madrid. Image: Luis Garcia / CC BY-SA-3.0 it

In the balance sheets of the banks, many lazy loans dune, more than a third in Italy alone

It has been done in the official Europe as if the financial and banking crisis be over. However, at the latest with the rescue of the Italian Monte dei Pashi, which should not exist anymore after the banks’ guidelines, the topic was shaking again at the turn of the year. The fall comes near and it meets with Italy the third grobe Euroland. The country has long been the time bomb in the euro area because of its high debt and the political permanent crisis.

Social loan systems in capitalism

Image: pixabay.Com

Extrajes Punishment Systems: China Conditions honest behavior through monitoring, punishment and privileges, in capitalism privileges are so far regulated by money

In 2014, China has begun to introduce its social loan system, the basic implementation is planned by 2020. From then on, all companies are evaluated by conclusion of existing data by point, including foreign. Thus, the politically adapted companies could be rewarded with a lower tax, fewer conditions and government.

The former EU Commissioner Cresson has misunderstood funds and violated commitments, but punishment, so the Supreme Court of the EU, must not be because it has already been punished by the announcement of her miscarriage

The EU wants to become more transparent. For this the open meetings of the Council of Ministers are transferred as a webcast on the Internet, and for the time being in the languages English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. On Tuesday, the first shipment began with the ECOFIN Council of EU Economic and Finance Ministers. There was one and a half hour session live, the discussion about the stability and growth pact was the financial ministerial but then again to be granted to be given. However, the Hollandi Finance Minister doubts whether people will really follow the meetings. You had to find even more exciting topics and debates. In excited by the Vorstob, Parliament now wants to transfer his meetings from 2007 via the Internet. This should then cost or 9 million euros, approved for the project now one million.

After all, it became transparent that the short-term French headquarters Edith Cresson in its term as a EU Research Commissioner of 1995 to 1999 has defose funds. The main appeal point was that she made a friendly, 66-year-old dentist to her "personal adviser" for AIDS and at least 145.000 Euro, but this did not provide real performance for his "scientific missions" and he was not an expert as a dentist for it anyway. Actually, the dentist was not a personal advisor, because Cresson had already occupied all the places, he was already too old, whereupon the commissioner was also pointed out. She then made Cresson short-manner to a "Visiting Scientist". The maximum for a maximum of two years, which is why the employment of the dentist employed from September 1995 to February 1998 by Cresson or rather paid – with monthly 4.500 euros -, alone for time against EU laws. Although Cresson wanted to give her doctor any further money, he joined himself from health grounds and died in 2000.

Catching bearings do not protect migrant children in the Canary Islands

The children from the Maghreb and the Sub-Saharan States rescued by the Spanish authorities are not sure about abuse and violence in the Spanish islandal mallets on Gran Canaria and Tenerife. This criticizes the spokeswoman Simone Troller by Human Rights Watch for children’s rights in Europe, the co-author of the recently published report unwelcome Responsibility: Spain’s Failure To Protect The Rights of Unaccompanied Migrant Children in The Canary Islands is.

Far away from the Saharastrand Las Teresitas in Tenerife or the sandstrands of the volcanic island of Gran Canaria; Far away from the hotels and tourist attractions such as the Spanish colonial buildings and popular cafes suffer from children who are barred from their homewarers before poverty. Emerfishly housed after frequently spectacular rescue activities of the Ostitlists, the children in the emergency centers Tegueste, Arinaga and La Esperanza in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, which are like completed islands in the industrial areas of the island mainstages Santa Cruz and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a joyless life behind bars. Where you could never find only a tourist randomly with a city stroll.

Russian President wants to proceed against the grassing corruption, while a militiaman became a hero through an internet video

At the beginning of November, a few days before the Russian Prasident Dimitrij Medvedev held his all-year speech in front of the Foderal Assembly, in which the corruption in the countryside trawn, the militiamajor Alexej Dymowski published two videos on Youtube, in which he accused his superior abuse of abuse and corruption. This made the militiamar for many Russians to a hero and at the same time a avalanche. Since then, more and more Russian militionious videos have been unavailable on the Internet, in which they raise similar bias. However, whether the corruption brought into progress will be corrupted, is questionable. Because Alexej Dymowski hold some for a small chess piece in a political power struggle and not for a regulator who liked more justice.

It was very critical and nothing-worthwhile words with which Prasident Dimitrij Medvedev described the Fodderal Assembly and the government today’s Russia. The industry he called as "primitive", not competing on the world market, and he fell in return the dependence of the country of raw material trade. The head of state also went to the court in court with the Russian quarrels, whose strong is still based on weapons from past Soviet times.

Durren, overflowing and biosprit make staple food more expensive, at the same time gross amounts of food in the waste

Due to the rising olpreis and the transition to biosprit, the food, especially staple foods, are more expensive worldwide. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, food prices in China have increased by 18 percent, in Indonesia and Pakistan by 13 percent and in Latin America, Russia and India by 10 percent. The price for wheat has doubled, also corn and rice have become very much more expensive. And prices should remain high, especially in poor countries that depend on imports, to food shortages, protests and political unstability.

While supplies on staple foods are at a 25-year low, the this year harvest can cover consumption after the FAO. In 26 countries can be expected with a food shortage, so that the help of the ax is necessary. Reason for a long time are a thumb or. Excavation, but also conflicts. Above all, African Lander (21) are concerned, but also North Korea, Indonesia, Nepal, Afghanistan and Iraq. "Food safety" Sets the FAO in parts of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Timor, but also in Moldavia and Chechnya. In Latin America, it meets Lander who suffered from hurricans like Nicaragua, Jamaica or the Dominican Republic.

The life phases urge himself, says a US scientist, between youth and adulthood pushes the precare Odyssey phase: changing partners, no fixed jobs, no children, no economic selfishness

Our life changes, say American scientists. In the past, it should be given four life phases, the reasonably clear the biography of the people divided. After childhood the youth came, then one was grown and finally old. Between youth and age, however, a lot has come in motion. The way to adulthood will be long – to "Odyssey" -, The life phase is generally uncertain, while the idiot is moved backwards in the course age.

William Galston from the Brooking Institution has found at least a new term for a life phase, which is actually swimming in recent decades, after the number of young people who opted for a long training has multiplied. However, the economic perspective remains uneventful because they often do not make sufficient money for their livelihood and live in prekaren by both professional and familiar or relationship. However, you also have to ask yourself whether income that is achieved via scholarships or parents, is achieved by jobs, for example for services in the study, so much unique power as a worker or employee, which is also "only" a dependent is.

Manipulations at the scene?

Truck, with which the attack was refuted to the Berlin Christmas market. Image: Emilio Eisbirdo / CC BY-SA 4.0

While witnesses were heard of the bondsplatz only after three years, the BKA prepared the deportation of the intentional criteria Ben Ammar already than that was still submerged

One of the first witnesses on the Tat truck on the Berlin Breitscheidplatz was Michael Roden, showmakers with their own booth on the Christmas market and as chairman of the Berlin Showman Association at the same time one of the responsible persons of the event. In the Committee of Inquiry of the Bundestag he described his perceptions now. His state was about 80 meters away from the stopper. When he arrived for about a minute later on the truck, the driver was open from bumps, the passengering was closed. He looked in the cockpit to the right bent a dead man lying.

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