Bush officials 77 days

And at this time he can still make some political decisions that could make life difficult for the new prasident

The last few weeks and months have unexpectedly shifted the political orientations of the US burger – and probably very at the bottom of McCain. According to a survey of CNN among burgers who have already chosen, 62 percent said that for the economy is the most important topic. Iraq is only 10 percent at the top, terrorism for 9 percent. This makes McCain and the Republicans just cross the topics of their law-and-order policy that have born Bush and McCain. The fear of virtual terror in the US is the fear of the economic crisis that is much closer. With the fear of Osama, Taliban and Iran, the election is not to be attracted, and thus not with further monitoring and more police state in the US.

If the new Prasident of the United States will be chosen, he is far from power. The US has not only strange registration procedures for voters and ailing old and new election systems that would like to make problems and not completely trust. There is also an obsolete electoral system still from pre-modern times of the Wild West. That’s why it will take 77 days until the choice of the new prasident comes to the Office. But that also means that the old Prasident, George W. Bush, still 77 days time has to make his successor difficult to make life or quickly to use some stakeholders.

On Tuesday, it is known to be chosen because the Fruben Christists did not want to desecrate Sunday with such profane things like the prassident election (why the Americans are counting in the elections). In November, because then agriculture begins to rest and have the farmers time. And on Tuesday, because the farmers may need one day to arrive at the polling station. Then the voices are paid out. Then the electoral manners of each state are determined in Washington on 6. January come together and to elect the prassides there. Termination will take place only on the 20th. January.

The long times and the electoral manners as faithful messengers were probably meaningful in the gross land when they had to influence the wide paths with the horse car, but have long been anachronistic. But they now help Bush to can perform some political decisions depending on the chosen candidates. On Renomee, Bush can no longer arrive, he also applies in the US as a whole unpopular prasident.

But in the transitional period not only the summit to the reorganization of the financial industry takes place, also the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continues, the economy goes into a recession about and the state is in deep debts. Lots of scope for action and promises to be involved in the election campaign, the next prasident has not anyway. One of the most interesting nominations will be the finance minister, a lot will also depend on who will become defense, justice and home protection ministers.

The New York Times has already warned in an editorial that the 77 days until the expenditure of office was still a lot of new ones, not necessarily pleasing with them. It is expected that less in the field of radical policy, but probably in domestic politics still occasional political specifications. Burger rights, environmental protection and abortion legislation are expected to be expected.

Only last month, the competences of the FBI, US Burger were overwakened, has been expanded, during the home protection ministry and the sew of the house the right to intervene in the Report of the Data Protection Supervisor and to charge it. So far, the Bush government has not increased the environmental protection as far as this was tried. However, it is expected that the Ministry of the Environment would soften the protection of the environment (air, water) and the endangered animals, for example, to prevent filter systems or facilitate mulling and gas or olbo bores. Last but not least, the Ministry of Health is expected to make the abortion rules and complicate access to haggling agents.

Actually, Bush himself also considered to shut up Guantanamo. But Cheney had come to the cross. This legacy will also have to regulate the next president. Bush only has until the 20th. December time to introduce important changes that the successor can not easily rewind again. Whether Bush Aubenpolitisch as the Supreme Warlord still makes switching positions, is uncertain. The increased attacks on the US militar on goals in Pakistan and recently also in Syria are not just reassuring.

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