After Obama has broken his promise on changing, the choice between Obama and Romney for a growing number of young people does not seem to be more

Actually, it is not surprising that the willingness to go to the elections in young US burgers or to be interested in interested in party politics. The political system will only take the change between the two encrusted parties, deputy or even prasident can be almost only who either has a lot of money or sufficient sponsors. At the Prasidential election campaign it is only on the edge for political topics and goals, especially it is about a show to pay attention and excitement.

According to a survey of the PEW Research Center under registered electors, the hype is gone, who was still traces for the 2008 elections, when a small majority of US burger decided to choose from Barack Obama to change, even alone That’s why for the first time a black to the US prasident. But the obama looking for compromise and consensusiveness failed pretty fast with his slogan "YES, WE CAN" and with the hopes of hopes in Germany and abroad. Even smaller changes like the retention of Guantanamo do not get. In addition, the consequences of the financial and economic crisis were significantly evident after his beginning and he was imprisoned for the mistakes of his transaction.

Grim violence, sick horror and incomprehensible graphics

The hardliners of ID leave after seven years "Rage" a true monster on the gaming community go

These Texans have staged the development of the First Person Shooter like no other company. Since the invention of the genre in 1992 "Wolfenstein" was steadily worked on the in-house graphics engine and presented each new version with a game programmed by its own team. "Dome", "Quake", "Quake 2" and "Doom 3" can be considered as a pioneer of a new generation of computer and console games.

For now, the games of the innovators of ID but also for their special design were praised. Obviously, the game designers around John Carmack see their very own order to realize potentially trusting holly visions through which the player fights when he is not stretched by a styled shock effects from the chair, the ID with film-rapture Prazsion lies down to him.

Together with the automotive industry, the European Union explores in an ambitious field study, such as motorists use new technologies

"In ten years we bring the first driverless car to the market", Customized General Motors boss Rick Wagoner in January 2008. With the bankruptcy of the Group, only one and a half years later, these progress dreams matured once in itself. Not only GM, the entire automotive industry had produced past the wings of the motorists. The future vision of automatic driving can not exercise that it is barely a manufacturer, which has affordable, reliable vehicles with alternative drives on offer. And the success of scrapping program in Germany laminates this deficit only with short-term cosmetics. The rough burglary in the new car company is now expected for early 2010, the crisis was thus only required.

Is there an electronics crisis in the future?

In new drive concepts – especially the battery development – the manufacturers now pump a lot of money. Thus, the German automotive industry has not procured its research spending despite the economic crisis and sales process: 18.9 billion euros invested in 2008 in 2008 in research and development. And in 2009, research spending will not shut down, assures the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

Interview with the future researcher Franz-Josef Radermacher

Mathematician and economist Franz Josef Radermacher is Professor of Databases and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Ulm. Among other things, he served with the organization, intelligence and consciousness of "Super organisms" – Anteads, robots, companies or humanity as a system. For quite some time he has also been planning for a worldwide Marshallplan.

Professor Radermacher – You have summarized the potential liking of the world to ideal types. You can describe it briefly?
Professor Radermacher: As a forward-looking researcher, I see three different possibilities or scenarios for the future: first, a collapse of okosystems, secondly a "brazilianization" at the expense of the living standards for the widest part of the people, also in the rich world, u. A. As a result of the resulting cost approaches to resource snapness and politically regulated continent events in important short resources, if alternative development phases are not credited in good time and thirdly an attractive, sustainability-compatible development, if it is possible to establish a suitable international order including user cross-financing mechanisms.

The American affecting paranoia

With Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, an inner enemy exploses to the electoral victory of Trump and to influence the helpless American Wahler, which is supposed to reflect the election victory of Trump

Suddenly Russia is displeased from the leading position and must give way to Facebook. The company Cambridge Analytica should have used data of 50 million users to win them with embassies tailored to their personal profile for Trump. "Psychographic Profiling" promises the company, so ultimately a concept for a successful, because individualized influence of people, what politicians, but also companies for their products liked.

According to Russia, the enemy of Auben, one has now also has an enemy out of the inside – where Donald Trump the enemy from the inside for a long time with the fake news media and the establishment in Washington or. Instrumentalized the deep state. In addition to the British company – the British had already played a restless role with the First of the Democrats Facted Dossier Uber Trump – now the powerful Facebook group. However, for profiling also used data from Twitter and bought additional information about television habits, air travel, purchasing behavior, church visits, bookers and magazine buying etc.

As the US Finance Minister Goldman Sachs ridden before the bankruptcy and then the company with state funds the program trade

Henry M. Paulson, the man who came to stuttering during congress such as his decisions during the financial crisis, seems to have played a mutable role in general bailout ring leisure than that could now be nice. Paulson was chairman and CEO of US Investment Bank Goldman Sachs from 1999 to 2006 before he. May 2006 by Prasident George W. Bush for the office of the Minister of Finance was nominated. Paulson, which is conferred on $ 700 million, is considered the flag Republican, which despite its Alibi engagements for nature conservation and its thematization of the gap between arm and rich, especially the benefit of Wallstreet and not that of the taxpayer at heart lay. If the corruption contention in connection with the AIG bailout now confirm, he had to wear himself very warm.

The former US finance minister had very close contacts at the highlight of the financial crisis last autumn with his earlier employer Goldman Sachs. As the "New York Times" Reported from Sunday, Paulson is said to have often met with Goldman-Sachs-Chef Lloyd Blankfein.

About the mass recognition of political asylum

1993 was the Iraqi State Burger M. Fled to Germany and received after some time also the requested asylum. Thirteen years later he got from the Federal Office for Migration and Flights Post. It was confused in it, his asylum status would now be revoked. With the fall of the SADDAM regime, the then asylum reason has become logged up.

"If there is hardly any more, then we can also get the sinks that are here."This harsh maxim seems to determine the actions of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Office connected to him for migration and escape, when it comes to the recording of escape strings, respectively about the outward of uninvited guests.

Netanyahu: Wall around Israel as 'Protection in front of the wild animals'

Fence on the Israeli-Egyptian border. Image: Idobi / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Gated Nation: Israel wants to be completely surrounded by fences and walls

Israel is a pioneer for the idea of gated nations, so for the construction of walls or fencing possible around the whole country. Hundreds of kilometers were already aced. Pioneer was Israel for the probably highest wall with up to 8 m and high-tech fence with cameras, radar, motion sensors, but also with remote controllable machine guns and autonomous control vehicles (Israel masched).

Drill for the location Germany

Theater about chancellery finding at Union and Grunen finished. A question remained unspoken: who most likely manages to harm the population and still be chosen? A comment

Now it is clear, Armin Laschet and Annalena Baerbock are trailing for the Federal Chancellery. Baerbock, which was nominated on Monday, congratulated lashing with many phrases over a fair election campaign. Now it is important to make the location of Germany strongly, she named the explanatory goal of all candidates. Baerbock spoke of environmental protection and digitization, ie the new elements of capitalist accumulation.

The borse moved the chancellor’s invention. Robert Halver, Capital Market Analyst at the Baader-Bank, gave in the Germany-Send sector at noon to understand that entrepreneurship might like a person in the Chancellery, which for a pleasant investment environment.

A current Europe-wide survey shows that most Europeans keep the Iraq war for unjustly holdings and do not trust the Americans in reconstruction and manufacture of security

Even if the European governments are unseen, as they should behave for Iraqi occupation, the European burgers seem to be largely agree as before. Most of them think that the war against Iraq was not justified. Humanite help, however, is not an issue.

At least is the result of a Europe-wide survey of the Eurobarometer, in which between the 8. And 16. October over 7.000 people were questioned in the 15 EU member states. After that, 68 percent still believes that the war was not justified.

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