Faceless and distanced people

Social distancing, reduction of contacts and wearing the mouth nose masks have effects that are only realistic in realistic when some central properties of humans are sufficiently considered – Part 1

I. A superleading pandemic

"Imagine, there is a disease, which always occurs in this country and causing chronic pain – a contagious, medical science, which is hardly explored by medical science, which spreads faster than the immuneity can be built against them, and that as a one the common causes of death in the civilized western world is classified. A disease that emerges the advent of other suffering, from wiring about depression and dementia to heart attacks, strokes and cancer. This disease would therefore provide a significant risk factor for other frequent and deadly diseases. At the same time they were Tuckisch, because many people did not know that they suffer from their."

In view of the current situation, each reader should give the answer to his whole attention to the neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer: "This disease is actually. Your name: Loneliness."

The exoplanet, which resembles the gas giant of our solar system, could also contain water – and maybe have a moon?

The discovery of the exoplanet Corot-9b with the Harps spectrograph of the ESO and the Corot satellite was celebrated as a breakthrough. Claire Moutou, member of the internationally occupied team from 60 astronomers discovered the planet, swarmed that this planet "Play a similar role like the stone of Rosetta for the Agyptology" play.

Artistic representation of the exoplanets passing past his sun. Image: ESO / L. Calcada

Symbol image: Jens Neumann on Pixabay / Public Domain

The home program of the Legal Party is Marktradikal. It is no longer elected she is not hoping for better times, but with it to others worse

At the AFD federal party day this weekend in Dresden, there was little dispute over a political field – the housing and rent policy. Since the AFD is part of the owners block, as in the current Gerd Wiegel in an online discussion event of the education association bright Panke summarized.

Our Irrum was to reject the people who have earned money with the internet

Anyone who has persecuted a bit what I wrote will know that I reject how the commerce has taken the internet. Since 1994, when the communication infrastructure of international research has been officially opened for companies, I have observed what has appeared to me as the decline of the content, the Spirit and the task of the interactive space. Good, but now I hore on the lawsuit.

Do not worry, I’m still so anticipated as any other too. If it matters, I am so anticipated that it does not store me, the companies as well as they believe to do with us. You want to take so much as much as possible, why should it be so bad if we can take what we can get from you? So why to print it differently, we do not let our Internet build from the coarse corporations?

An American gynacologist means an anatomical construct to have identified, after the researcher has been looking for three decades: the female G-point

The Gluck is located 16.5 millimeters from the upper part of the urinary tube output. It is located in a sacking structure whose frames of erectile tissue faces and whose surface shows blue irregularities that show out of the inner transducer. It has the shape of a grape and is about eight millimeters long, up to almost four millimeters wide and only 0.4 millimeters high. Three parts can be distinguished significantly: a kind of head of 3.4 times 3.6 millimeters, a 3.1 x 3.3 millimeter central middle part and a tail, which is 3.3 times 3.0 millimeters roughly. From its end, a rope-like blood vision extends, which disappears in the surrounding tissue.

What the Polish-stem gynacologist Adam Ostrzenski identified Warsaw in the forensic department of the Medical University of Warsaw and in a paper in "Journal of Sexual Medicine" has described, a at least 30 years old ratsel is unlimited: there is a particularly erogenous zone in the vagina, where is it exactly, and what about it?

Monopolies and freedom of expression

Google in a moving GIF social media parody after the Damore-along

After the GoogleMo-case, Libertare and Conservatives are also worried about the power of gross company

In the past, Libertare and conservatives usually spoke against the regulation of companies. Often even when corporations became very rough and much power. Until recently, this attitude prevailed as well as companies like Google and Facebook. Then Google generated headlines worldwide with the one along James Damore – and since then, it has been increasing in these two stores thoughts that the boundaries between economic and political power can be as small as those between licenses and taxes.

The US government wants to protect against the "New threats" The rocket defense sign derived from the Reagan-Time also took a lot of friendly and Allied Lander

The military security strategy of the US government is to be primarily on the new threat of terrorists and states that are hostile to the USA. They became weapons of mass destruction, which there was also early, do not understand as the last resource, but as an option and also use the US and their Allies when they are owned by appropriate far-reaching missiles. From this, the US government leads the need for praventive attack wars with a corresponding organizational and technical transformation of the troops, the integration of (smaller) nuclear weapons in the military options and the construction of a global missile defense.

A factsheet of "National Policy On Ballistic Missile Defense" Has the white house published a week ago. Moreover, the missile defense is treated in the Secret National Security Presidential Directive / NSPD-23, which, however, already on 16. December of US Prassident Bush has been signed. There, how the Washington Times reports, called some details that are missing in the public version. For example, North Korea – apparently not called Iraq – as the main threat, which is required to develop a comprehensive missile defense system and to install it soon soon. That was already before the 11.9. An expensive investment project favorite Kind the Bush Government that is followed by Reagan-Time. During the Clinton Prassidee, the project was more likely to come on the edge.

Food in front of the mirror, small and swone plates, gifts and other tricks

Image: LPPA / CC-BY-SA-3.0

A new scientific journal gives recommendations due to studies, how to eat less and yet be satisfied

In some circles, food has become a dominant theme of lifestyle and worrying about themselves. It must be natural "healthy", be a good-looking and favorable and should not go first and foremost sorting, but above all not thick. Be discussed violently, like Low Carb best, whether one should eat vegetarian or vegan, as it looks with the sugar content and additives, whether it should be lactose and gluten-free.

Find Nemo – the guard resolution in the animation film?

Divers know that: When you first get down in the fascinating world of other colors, unseen shapes and strange animals, you quickly lose the orientation. There is much to see. The termination is steady the own position. The feelings, no longer be tied to the ground, let's forgot and sometimes ensures a pleasant little intoxication. In short: let's start.

"Mine!": The Mowen of Pixar probably not of approximately figures from Nick Parks Aardman Studio

Handling against escapeons

Lageso Berlin, 8. October 2015: Flights have joined the Rontgenmobil to seek protection against continuous rain. Photo: P. Late

"Politically persecuted enjoy asylum law", it is called in Article 16a of the Basic Law. But instead of helping people in need to help, politicians throw verbal fire issues

Every escape that has reached Berlin has to register at the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lageso). Only with this registration enabled people receive a place to stay and meals. As far as the theory, the practice is terrible:

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