Ahmadinejad in competition with osama?

New Hassrades of the Iranian President

The Iranian place Sahedan is not a pleasant place for transit travelers. The city is located in the Weste Beliblistan, about 60 to 80 kilometers from the borders to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The population is very poor, smuggling traditionally an important source of revenue and armed manners who stand around with duster mienen on open fires, a usual sight. The few westerners who cared there will prefer to stay at the hotel and wait there on the next bus. The Iranian Prasident Ahmadinejad now has chosen this place to bring back to his brandy (cf). Iran’s misrepresentation: The Holocaust is a myth, he said there in a speech that was transferred nationwide in Iranian television.

At his first speech, which provided for international surveying and shock, the Iranian Prassident wanted to erase Israel from the map (cf. The chain dog), with his second speech, Israel should be relocated to Bavaria, in his speech he paid again Europe, but also the US, Canada or even Alaska as alternative laying options and spoke explicitly this time, which he first indirectly But clear enough to understand – the denial of the Holocaust:

They (the Europe) have created a March that they call the massacre at the Jews and they consider this as a principle that stands on God, religions and the prophets.

Presumably, the next infusion of this will soon follow. It seems like Ahmadinedschad has found his pleasure to use each podium – as last Monday a conference in Pakistan – as a launch base for new media Missiles and again to demonstrate how little him the unrusted Outline western top politicians on the last shot provocations Kummert. Of the "Recovery of the revolution" His profile as a radical Muslim and thus occurs in competition to Osama Bin Laden, that sees at least his officer Khatami:

Some politicians even want to override Osama Bin Laden through their fanaticism

The comparison should not be surprised, but AhmadineSchad profiles itself – Osama bin Laden unadulterity – about an anti-American art from abundant hate, which has played a rough role in his choice to the prasident. In Iran, the election campaign was made that the reformer approaches to the West, to the US were looking for and an important moment that was caught against the reformers were the loud envisions of high-ranking US politicians, including Prasident Bush to support the reform movement, In the hope of setting the regime change in Iran. Many Iranians did not want that just, the state in neighboring Iraq, they spent in the fear of "Bush Way of Life".

That (previous?) United States failed as a self-proclaimed principal power in the Middle East ("Middle East") plays radical religious motivated extinction in the hands, whether the obscure al-Qaeda organization or the mysterious Ahmadinejad. The stations where Iranian Prasident wound his media-effective attacks on the West and Israel, which is understood as an enemy bastion of the West, are strategically well chosen: first Tehran, the city in which he was a burger master and can pay for a trail , a home game in front of students. Then guest games in places where the US are not particularly popular and fundamentalists at home: Mecca, the holiest city of all Muslims, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – at the "International Conference on the Support of the Islamic Revolution" – and finally Sahedan in the border area between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. And when AhmadineSchad once enthusiasts, the US, enters, as in September of this year to speak there in front of the United Nations, then of course as someone who enlightens and protected by the spirit of the disappeared imam.

No coincidence also that AhmadineSchad, which the state of things in Iraq does not have to worry about the process, focused on the procedure main chalkboard in the East / West conflict: on the conflict between Israel and the palatinians. The Iraq war may have won the supremacy in the headlines, but the formerly central symbol for the vacuum of Muslims "Western Imperialist Kaftte", For many Muslims is still a painful wound, from which one can beat populist capital. The Jihadists recruited with the Israel / Palastina argument still followers and Ahmadinedschad tries to strongly trying his political profile. He does not trump with better real-political proposals, but with a moral opinion, where there is nothing to be about – may not "crazy", but something "beyond".

For this he has the support of the top driver, Ayatollah Khameni: the throaty slogan of his chain dog always follow slightly milder formulations, which are appreciated by the Supreme Leader, and in the thing are just as sharp. "The last 50 years have shown", Has the top leader before yesterday (ie some time after the first "Floor reform speech" of the Iranian prasident) at a meeting with the "Hamas Supremo" Let Khaled Meschal let, "that the situation (in Israel and Palastina) is not improved by giving in negotiations with the Zionist regime." One should instead the "Jihad" forcing, right now, as the US is defeated in the region. The Hisbullah in the neighboring Libanon is also heard the words of her benefit.

Due to the oil revenue, Iran currently has a lot of money; It has completed lucrative to Russia, India and China. Even if Russia was doubt on a Veto at a security council decision on the Iranian nuclear program, which is seen by the AhmadineSchads exercises in a new light, China still remained as a vetomego in favor of Iran. The question is how far AhmadineSchad can extend its scope in Iran and internationally, who beats his side, who will confess color against him. How strong is the liberal, enlightened bourgeoisie in Iran these days?

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